(gig report) Core System/Pale Origins-20.09.2019.-Metalac Industrial Bar Čakovec

Core System from our hometown had a record release party yesterday, celebrating the release of their second full length album called Contrast. As it slowly becomes annual tradition, the guys chose Metalac Industrial Bar as a place to do it. Also, they invited Pale Origins from Zagreb to support them for this occasion.

Upon arriving to the venue, which is in my opinion the most beautiful club in our hometown, we saw that there were not many people preparing for the gig. The guys from the bands were finishing last checks for the start of the concert and the people were relaxing with beer, soda and talking to each other, while the dj played a bit weird set. There is only one thing I can´t understand in Metalac club. There is a secluded smoking area for the cigarette smoking people and it is okay that way. But, why do they let smoking in front of the stage and everywhere in the club when the gig starts? What is the purpose of secluded smoking area when we non smokers all stink like hell from the cigarettes after the gig?!

Back to the music. Around ten pm Pale Origins from Zagreb started their set. I never listened to this band live, but I heard only praise for their music, so I was eager to check them out. I was not wrong. I am not an avid fan of this modern metalcore/hardcore, but these guys deserve all the praise. The music is brutal metalcore turning into atmospheric beautiful parts with both the singer and guitarist combining awesome clean vocals and the interplay of their voices is fantastic. Add to that some electronic loops and samples to enrich the whole song structures, you get the superb band. I am sorry that for the first two or three songs there was some trouble with adjusting the sound, but no matter. The interaction with the not so numerable audience was also on high level so that is another plus for this band. I loved their circa 45 minutes set and I recommend this band to all the fans of such music.

The headliners, Core System were next to enter stage. This was my fourth time to see them play live, and I love how they managed to upgrade their set each time I see them with something new. The music of their progressive metalised hardcore is the story for itself, with so many, atmosphere changes, the fantastic two singers, one singing brutal parts and the other having beautiful voice for clean, dramatic vocals. There was some trouble with the sound again during the first songs, because I just couldn´t hear well the brutal singer harsh vocals and there was also something wrong with clean vocals, but no matter, the problems were erased and their set continued with as expected, the songs from their new studio effort which represents fine progression from already cool first full length album. After their official set, they played Limp Bizkit and one more song from their first album as encore and left all the people there happy until next time. This is a band which gives much effort and input to their music and image, so they deserve more attention, so go check them out and show some support, I am sure the guys will appreciate it very much.



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