(interview) 69Enfermos-Brasil skatepunk at Punk Rock Holiday 1.9!

We meet again after two years and the news is: the new record, new tour and the new line up, so tell us something about all of those news!

-Couple of years ago we were supposed to do the split record with four bands, one from Japan, two from Europe and us and we were looking for another band from United States and we heard Symphony of Distraction and we thought that it would be nice to release a split record with them because our songs are kind of similar, the influences are the same, so they agreed. After that we talked to the guy in Morning Wood Records and he released it in December last year. We talked also about doing a tour in United States or Brasil, but at this moment it would be easier for both bands to tour Brasil, because it was easier for me to book the tour so we went and did it together. That was basically the story about the split.

I think that the new material is more melodic and more progressive than the older stuff. The songs are again in English language, so you quit singing in Spanish altogether or only for the moment?

-We quit singing in Spanish because we wanted to get to the wider audience. When you sing in Spanish, or French not everybody knows that language and what you are singing about, it is hard for people to understand the lyrics and stuff. We want to bring our music and message closer to the people. When I was a kid in Columbia, we used to listen mainly bands in English language, we really wanted to get to the wider audience. We kept our older audience, but many people at the gigs came and asked us, so why don˙t you sing at least one song in English. When we started the whole proces like 5 or 6 years ago, not many American bands toured our circuit, now they do, but back then they still didn˙t  and we released two albums and one split in English and it worked great for us. About the new material being more catchy, I didn` t want to do the same songs all over again, I wanted to get it more poppy, more melodic..


Yeah, I love the melancholy in your songs so much, when I listen to your songs, they always make me a little bit sad, for example Maribor or In the nineties…I love them, but they touch my heart and I am just sad somehow…

-We put our more melodic songs on this new split record. Sometimes you have a split record of maybe two excellent bands, but you don˙t listen to the whole cd. Our fans maybe will like Symphony of Distraction and their fans will like our songs and so far it is working.

You also have a new line-up, two new guys in the band. I knew you changed a drummer, so the bassist Vagner quit too?

-Yeah, the new bass player is the substitute for Vagner. He is not in the band anymore. He lives with his girlfriend now and they are taking things more seriously. 69Enfermos is an expensive hobby you know? It takes a lot of your time traveling and playing around.

How far away from home are you know? Six or seven thousand kilometers?

-It is like twelve thousand kilometers from here, dude. We made it worth this time, it is basically one more tour, so Vagner couldn˙t make it and the new bass player jumped in for him. When Vagner told us he couldn˙t go to Europe again, we took the new guy. Vagner is a nice guy and I love him very much.  The new guy is in the band because of his commitment, he is wearing our shirt with pride, you know? He knew the band and he liked our music prior to playing with us, we kinda came from the similar scene, so he fit perfectly in the band, he has a lot of energy and is super happy to be here in Europe.


You are now in Punk Rock Holiday for the second time, yet there is one fun fact. You play the third show, because I remember in 2017.you played twice because I was there when that storm ruined and broke your first show hehe!

-We were surprised when we got our chance to play here again.

What does being here at Punk Rock Holiday mean for you personally?

-When we were here for the first time, it was wow, our main goal. This time the tour has been way better than we expected, we played Brackrock also and it was insane there, Paris Punkrock Summer was a blast too! The main goal of this tour was to play Brackrock and Punk Rock Holiday came like one big plus, because it is nice to promote your band on such high ranking festivals. We didn˙t expect to be invited to Punk Rock Holiday, so big thanks to the promoters for inviting us again. We were planning to come here and stay at Punk Rock Holiday for the whole week whether we play the festival or not. Maybe we could do a festival or two in Czech Republic or Germany, but the other two members were never here at this festival, my wife is here too, so it is nice to be here for the whole week.


I noticed that Southamerican people are lot more warm, have big hearts, like to hug and smile. I met you, the other guys from the band, I met guys from Cronos Debe Morir, shout out to them, and you are all so heartwarming, passionate and I love it. Do you think that Europeans are more cold?

-I can˙t say that was my experience with Europeans, because both times, I noticed it is like we have the same problems, we are not so much different. At least for me, the way people here are no different from the people in our country, they have been really nice and fantastic to us! I feel at home in all the countries we have been, I like to tour Eastern Europe, not many bands go there and I love to go there. We appreciate it so much! Finding new friends, like you, when I knew I was going to see you again, I was so happy, and also every other friend we have met along the way.