The pop-punks unveil their new single, Fever!


Band picture by PS Express

Based out of West Palm Beach FL, Seven Fly is a 4-piece Pop Punk band with an upbeat, nostalgic taste that brings energy to every show. With danceable, high energy songs, Seven Fly tears down the house with circle pits, moshing, fans bouncing to every anthem!
The newest single from the band, titled “Fever”, is out now on major streaming platforms! On this new song, vocalist Levi Ruiz comments:
The roots of the song started when over a period of time, you start to find that despite what all logic and clear signs around you may tell you, your gut feeling tends to be right.
The mind is a powerful thing, and when it comes to relationships, important life choices, or day-to-day actions, your gut feeling and own instincts are a good thing to follow especially if you often prove yourself right.
I ended up writing this Anthem to remind me to trust myself in the deepest and most difficult times, despite when others try to tell me different.

(news) Browbeat released their cover version of Madball`s Hold it Down, check it out!


Italian hardcore/metal act Browbeat has revealed today their personal version of the famous Madball track “Hold It Down”. About the new track, the band says: “Our own personal tribute to an NYHC legend. A band that has strongly influenced our music and that we had the honour to share the stage with during the summer. STAY HC!!!”. The new album “Remove The Control”, is available now in physical and digital via Indelirium Records.

01. The New Slavery Nation (Intro)
02. The Labor Blackmail
When The Profit Kills
04. A Forgotten Number
05. Underpaid
06. Nothing More And Nothing Less
07. A Personal War
08. The Power Of The Few
09. The Suffocated Rights
10. Remove The Control… Till Death!