(review) PENSE-Realidade, Vida e Fe(Mud Cake Records)

Mud Cake Records reissued the 2018. Pense third album and this is a great endeavour to bring this fantastic record to wider audience in Europe.


Pense are Brasilian hardcore punk band formed in 2007.in Belo Horizonte and this is their third album having intro and ten songs. The music these guys play is technical melodic hardcore punk with lyrics in their language meaning Portuguese and Spanish. They played this year at Punk Rock Holiday but unfortunately I missed their set at the Beach stage, hope they will come to Europe again because I would love to see these guys deliver the goods live. The songs are mainly fast, uptempo with enough force and aggression backed with melody to make your little head nod in approval and smile comes to your face. The vocals are harsh, yet screamed and sung at the same time and fit perfectly to the music. Guitars are catchy and imaginative with awesome rythm section backing the whole thing up. I read the English translation to the lyrics and they are a fine mix of personal and political where everyone can find themselves and hold on to the songs. Recommended highlight songs in my opinion: Corpo, Mente, Espirito, then Existencia and Matrix.



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