(record review) CORE SYSTEM-Contrast


My story with Core System starts in 2017.when they played their first show here in our hometown. I went to the show to check them out although I knew absolutely nothing about the band, but I knew couple of guys from their former band. At the show, they blew me away with the perfectly played progressive hardcore/metalcore mixed with electronic elements as they presented their debut album Loop.


Now, fast forward two years later and here is the new, second full length record. This record contains 10 new songs that the band developed in the last two years. The title says a lot for itself because the contrast between songs is fantastic, contrast between two vocals, one being almost death metal growl and other is superb melodic clean voice, the riffs, the atmosphere in the songs, just perfect. I love how careful and smart these guys use the electronic elements to their advantage making the songs even more rich and even more listening soundscape for another dimension. I have couple of favorites on the record being Half empty man, Entropy, Crossroads and Question authority. The rolling guitars create melodies not unlike Gothenburg style of death metal, the vocals add to the drama and overall structure. This is not the record that you will listen to one time and then let it rust somewhere collecting dust. No, you will find something new and beautiful on each listening, so go get this one. Book their show and go see their show, because these guys mean business!




Contact: coresystemband@gmail.com


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