(review) A Part Of Us-Different Stories On The Same Road(This Is Core)

A Part Of Us are melodic hardcore band from Verona, Italy and they just released their new record on This Is Core. I listened and reviewed the record for our zine.


The record contains 8 songs of beautiful fast paced melodic hardcore/skatecore. The music of A Part Of Us is in the vein of more technical bands of the genre like A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out and even Propagandhi but without metal influences. Yet, the guys retained all the energy of punk, rebellion of original hardcore force and I just love this record. One of the album highlights is for sure the single Fake (Social) Stars being fast melodic anthem just made for singin along at the gigs. The vocals are sung, sometimes screamed yet melodic and I just find them beautiful. The musicianship is very tight bursting with lightning energy. I don´t have a lyric sheet, yet as I understand the lyrics are mainly personal and have some social undertones beneath the layers. Other songs that I must recommend as a highlight to the album are This Time Of and Change but all of the songs are just fantastic. This is a great album, so go get this one and support the scene!





Bay Street Bastards new video, watch it here if you are into celtic punk!


The Bay Street Bastards are hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. They play unique vision of celtic punk. Recently the guys made new video and you can watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/TheBayStreetBastards/videos/333565057565104/

For more information and music visit this links:




Bay Area punks Sub Dio stream their debut e.p.


Temperatures are soaring on the East Coast so why not add to the heat? The self-titled debut by Sub Dio is streaming a day early at New Noise Magazine.  If you’re not familiar with the band let’s get you up to speed. Sub Dio consists of a lot of familiar faces from the Bay Area punk scene. Featuring former members of Great Apes, The Ghost, and Reunions, the band plays a brand of punk/hardcore that is rooted in urgency and aggression. Their self-titled debut releases tomorrow, July 19th, via Underground Communique Records & Side With Us Records. Take a few minutes to digest their five song EP which delves into issues surrounding prison reform, mental illness, immigration, the homogenization of the Bay Area, and the incessant and oppressive predatory behavior that many men exhibit.


Consistency is not your average compliment in punk rock, but it’s been the hallmark for one East Bay native songwriter for over two decades. The debut EP from Sub Dio opens the next chapter in Brian Moss’ musical story. It’s unceasingly consistent quality will feel familiar to anyone who’s heard his prior bands Great Apes, The Ghost, Olehole, and Hanalei, even though the resulting sound is something new.

Family is the other throughline in Brian’s bands. They form with friends who gather at shows and often have history together, seemingly so effortlessly it feels obvious to see them on stage together. In Sub Dio, those friends are Danica Von Hartwig on lead vocals, Shane Hendry (Reunions) on drums, Ryan Marshall (Great Apes) on bass and Danthrax (Burial Year, Quest for Quintanaroo, and Olehole) on guitar, replacing Rob Carter (Great Apes), who appears on this recording.
This EP includes five aggressive songs that set an urgent and relentless pace that pull you through from start to finish. The anger fueling Sub Dio’s lyrics are inspired by Danica’s work as a Bay Area social justice lawyer and time working to end mass incarceration and the criminalization of poverty. Brian’s history of thematic lyrics have always brought a unique feel to his songs, which are also undoubtedly influenced  by his job as a South San Francisco middle school teacher.

Brian and Danica trade vocals to create a powerful audio counterbalance between her fierce screams and Brian’s guttural yet melodic voice. The way each vocalist occupies completely separate spectrums while still melding together in a unique way bring to mind early Fugazi records.

Like all of our releases, we cannot wait for you to get to experience these songs for the first time as they work their way into your brains. Both labels have long histories supporting Brian’s bands which further underscores the family approach to this release.

Release Date: July 19th, 2019
Label: Side With Us Records/Underground Communique Records
Formats: Digital/Tape
Twitter: @subdiosf
Instagram: @subdiosf


(New single-punk) Protagonist about to release Killing Fields, link to the streaming of the song at Punknews!

Protagonist have been formed in 1999. The band members are Peter Marullo (vocals), John Marullo (guitar), Brian Forst (guitar), and Kyle Macdougall (drums).


They carefully blended streetpunk, punkrock and hardcore into something new, like band being an entity in itself, although all members input their hearts into the existence of Protagonist. Let the past lie in past, it is time for them to turn their faces to the future and what better way to do that, than with new single called Killing Fields.

The song is a kind of celebration 10th anniversary of their 2009.album called The Chronicle, this single being an unreleased track from that session. The single will be available digitally on July 26th through Paper And Plastick.

Punknews stream the single, so have a listen: https://www.punknews.org/article/70293/streams-protagonist-the-killing-fields





(record review) Scared Shitless-A Night To Dismember

Scared Shitless are horrorpunk band from Pittsburgh and I listened and reviewed their new record for our zine.


I must admit that I have never heard of this band with cool name prior to this record but I am now glad I did. This record contains five songs of metalic horrorpunk with riffs not unlike the newer phase of Misfits. But, not to say that this is one of them ´Fits clones, quite the contrary this band is original, melodic, great sounding and fresh like the stench of the few days dead cadaver. The songs like Picnic At The Gallows, Fallout Girl and Borden House are sure to become instant classics. The vocals are melodic yet rough sounding and have edge, almost partly growled in the middle of the title track and fit perfectly to the interesting song structures. Musicianship is tight, songs are fun, so there is the new band for your ears pleasure. Go grab this one, you won´t be sorry, the new wave of horrorpunk is so fresh and interesting!