Dying Scene Records is incredibly stoked to announce the release of “Circle The Drain,” a brand new, six-song EP from South Carolina upstart punk act Longshot Odds.
For the uninitiated, Longshot Odds is an exciting new voice in punk rock, bringing to the table a diverse range of influences that will intrigue the most jaded skate punk fans without alienating staunch genre loyalists. From the metallic riff-heavy opener “Challenger,” to the bouncy folk of “Blood and Asphalt,” all the way to the grandiose and cinematic closer “Movin’ On,” this band has mastered the subtle art of knowing how to make every track on a release stand out. Fans of “How To Clean Everything” era Propagandhi are going to dig this one.
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“Circle The Drain” Track Listing:
01. Challenger
02. Home
03. It
04. Blood And Asphalt
05. Willoughby
06. Movin’ On
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(horror movie) Clinton Road, the horror but not the way it was intended to be!

I love urban legends and stories about abandoned roads, haunted forests and I believe that there are many places on this planet that have some paranormal unexplained events which no one can imagine to exist.


I was very happy when I read about the movie which connects real urban legend stories about Clinton Road in New Jersey which they call one of the most haunted places in the world. When I read that former teenage star Richard Grieco(21 Jump Street tv series, Teen Agent) will direct this movie along with former cop and bodyguard turned movie director Steve Stanulis, I became a bit suspectful. Also, Eric Roberts and Ice-T are only the names for the dvd cover because Ice-T appears in the movie as the owner of the nightclub and I really don´t know what was his purpose for the story or the movie, maybe returning favor to the movie makers. Eric Roberts is even worse appearing as a cameo playing himself. Was that supposed to be funny, or charming? Well, it was not!

The real cast of this movie led by Erin O´Brien and James DeBello are total trash, under every average of decent acting. The story revolves around firefighter widow who needs closure and takes his friends investigating haunted Clinton Road where his wife disappeared. Then real confusion happens, ghost girl. some Rob Halford looking maniac killer living in the house with blue lights, psychic horror, all thrown in without any order or anything like screenwriter Derek Ross Mackay went insane halfway doing his work for this movie.

The characters run and wander around without any real goal, some dying, some staying alive, no real story is clear who, why or what is happening. The ending of the movie is equally sudden and bad and it is a mercy that it is not a long one. This movie is horror, but horror how someone can make such awful flick, not horror the makers intended it to be. Avoid this one!