(record review) COMRADES-For we are not yet, we are only becoming(Facedown Records)

Comrades released new full length record with Facedown Records and I listened and reviewed the record for our zine.


This band is basically two people operation, consisting of Joe and Laura McElroy. They started playing in Virginia back in 2008.under different band name, but now they are Colorado based band. This new record contains  10 beautiful songs. The music can be categorized as noisy hardcore with emo and punkrock influences. The opener Fault Lines just blew me away with the atmosphere and superb interplay between Laura´s melodic and Joe´s screaming harsh vocals, with guitars creating haunting melodies backed with rolling thunderous drums. Throughout the whole album, some haunting and mystique atmosphere like fog drifting slowly through the landscape surrounds me as a listened with Cliff Dwelling being one of my favorites which takes me sonically really to some other dimension. Goosebumps arose on my skin listening to this record. No Past is also one of my favorites on the record being somehow the heaviest song. Hollow Point is another recommended song with catchy yet simple guitar melody and harsh vocals. Lyrically this band goes into more personal waters, I don´t have a lyric sheet, but as I understand this is a band with lyrics to which I can relate to, also I can battle my inner demons while listening to this wonderful music. Check this one out, it is a keeper!