(record review)CAROUSEL KINGS-Plus Ultra(Victory Records)

Carousel Kings are back with a new record on Victory Records and I listened and reviewed the record for this zine.


Since the start of the band over 10 years ago, these guys have been almost constantly touring and that is audible in their work being more mature, more experienced and more firm than the last full length album. There are 11 songs on this album and although the music of Carousel Kings is in its basics pop punk, there is so much more now in their music than merely that. There is also alternative indie rock, emo punk, even good old pop melodies layered like fine sugar over a nice cake. The melodies are beautiful and I just love how this band combines all the elements into one great end product being an album that makes you happy when listening and I want to believe that the band appreciates that fact. The songs that I would like to recommend from this record as being somehow above the rest of other material, are Lock Meowt and Code Breaker(Smile), also check out the videos made for both songs. Nice one.




(interview) Chat with Koffin Kats at Trash And Burn festival 2019.

Koffin Kats from Detroit, psychobilly legends played two shows in our neighbourhood and the first one was at Trash And Burn festival in Sveti Martin Na Muri, Croatia. That hot Saturday was ideal for us to have a little chat with them for our zine. Enjoy!

You guys just celebrated your sweet 16, did you have a party?

Vic: We were out on the road on this tour and I just realized oh, hey guys, it’s our 16th birthday, oh cool, and then we played our show.

16 is a big deal in America, isnt´it?

Vic: Oh yeah, for us it’s like oh yeah, we’re 16 now, keep it goin’.

How many European tours did you have?

Vic: This is our 13th.

And you played in Croatia like three or four times ?

Vic: I believe it is our fourth , two times playing Dirty old festival.

You also played in Rijeka, Mud blood and beer festival.

Vic: Oh yeah, Mud blood and beer festival, and now we ‘re here again.


What exactly happened last year when you cancelled Euro tour?

Vic: We weren’t aware that, a passport was good, until the tour was going to end and then we were going to renew it after the tour, but when we were leaving they told us, no you can’t fly with this passport because it’ s going to expire in a few months even though we were in the window of returning before the passport expired, we weren’t aware that you had to have like an extra four months on the passport –so they wouldn’t let us fly over. Otherwise it would be just drum and bass and it wouldn’t be any fun (laughs).

We are fascinated by your bass lines. When you create songs are bass lines main foundation for the songs, or the guitar riffs…

Vic: Some songs are based on the bass lines, I’ll come over with the bass line, it dictates where the guitar goes, but then that can equally happen with the guitar, sometimes it dictates, or even a drum beat if Eric comes up with a random drum beat and then I just think of something off top of my head for a bass line, then the guitar will follow. It ‘s really a combination of all the things. We don’t specifically set up and go like ok guys here comes the bass, let’s build on  this, it’s whatever kinda pops in, we’re all playing together.

What about the lyrics? The first three albums were more horror, SF thematics and now they are more personal, do you agree?

Vic: The newer materials are more the combination of everything from what we’ve done in the past. After the first three albums I was getting little tired of writing constant horror stuff, I thought it was getting little boring for us, so I decided to change it up a little bit, now I feel it’s ok to revisit some of that stuff  with older perspective and I can start incorporating into the new lyrics more influences from different genres.


One thing that also fascinates is your vocals, one of the most beautiful voices in the scene, kinda like Elvis or Danzig but not clone, yet better. Did you ever take some vocal training coach?

Vic: No, I never even intended to be a singer, but when we started the band we didn’t have anybody that can sing so I just figured that I would do it. And learning how to sing really was by playing so many shows. Our first shows I had no idea what I was doing and had no vocal control but you kinda developed that after playing so many shows. Koffin Kats is now close to at least 2500 shows so I’ve had a little bit experience (laughs).

Do you still hurt yourself with the bass at your shows? You were often bloody on your head while playing alive.

Vic: I don’t get paid enough to do that anymore. (laughs) It was too damaging.

For your head or the bass?

Vic: Both (laughs).

You are one of the most hard working bands, how many days in one year are you touring?

Tommy: It depends on the year, we pick and choose where to go, back in 2012. we played close to 250 shows. Always touring Europe, USA and Canada.

Do you have time to sightseeing when you’re in Europe?

Tommy: Yeah, tomorrow we’ll have a day off in Ljubljana so we will get to walk around and see some things. We’ve seen a lot when we drive by, like you’re in the van and then you see the Eifell tower. Each time you have a chance to get out the van and walk around it’s nice.

Classic question – what’s the difference between American and European tours?

Vic: The license plates are different. (laughs) Anywhere where we travel we find enthusiastic people at the shows, that’s universal. Difference in touring over here vs. The States are that we’re very used to convenience in the States as far as 24 hour shops are open and after the show we can go and find food anywhere and we’ re used to that. Here it’s a little bit different, things close at 7 pm, and the City kinda shuts down. But we don’t have doner kebabs at home (laughs). But the excitement at the shows is universal. There’s not too much difference with that.

Tell us something about your cooperation with 12 Step Rebels. You did the split album From Our Hands To Yours. Do you hang out privately?

Vic: Yeah, they are friends of ours, they are not as active as they used to be, but once in a while we still do shows with them. They live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our guitar player that took over Tommy’s spot when he left the band for a while, his name is Ian,  actually played with 12 Step Rebels, that’s what connected us with them. We are hoping to see them again next time we’ re out in New Mexico.

What about The Quakes? You delivered guest vocals on Seven Seas Alone.

Vic: They are also friends of ours and we do shows from time to time with The Quakes. I actually talk to Paul Roman on regular basis, catch up with each others stuff.

Are you also friends with some other bands?

Vic: Yeah, through playing shows, touring and traveling all over we meet with many different bands, we try to get along with pretty much every band. It’s a very cool situation because bands we grew up listening to and who helped form the sound of Koffin Kats like Mad Sin, Nekromantix, The Quakes, Demented Are Go, now we actually play shows with those guys.


You also had a lot of shows with Goddamn Gallows.

Vic: Yeah they started as a band pretty much around the same time as we, we’ve been friends ever since.

Do you do your merch yourselves? Do you have somebody for the design?

Vic: Yeah we can’t draw for shit (laughs) so we always hired up the artwork and the lot of the US printing we actually do ourselves in our shop that we have. And when we tour over here we have somebody else printing it for us.

What about the videos, you don’t do them much. Only Giving Blood and The Way Of The Road.

Vic: We’re working on that, we’re gonna focus on making some more video material.

Tommy: For a while it seemed like videos weren’t the thing anymore and now we see more and more videos, so we realized we have to do them, but it takes time.

Is Tommy back for good?

Vic: Oh yeaaaaah.

Tommy: I’m not going anywhere.

Vic: Until he has a heart attack…on stage (laughs).

Who gave Eric his nickname E-balls?

Vic: Oh, he kinda got it himself because he’s got only one ball.

Eric: Yeah, I don’t know who gave it, you guys did, someone did…

Vic and Tommy: Eric – one ball, – e ball, it’s just one big ball – E ball (laugh).




(record review) BRACKET-Too Old To Die Young(Fat Wreck Chords)

Bracket are back with a new record out on Fat Wreck Chords. I listened and reviewed the new one for our zine.


There are 11 songs on the new record and the music of Bracket is good old melodic punkrock, almost pop punk to caress your ears with nice melodies and memorable choruses. Besides Canned From The Food Drive, which we heard prior to the release of this album as a single, which convinced me that the new album is a bit weird because that song has some pleasurable, but weird melody, the other songs are also great. The tempo of the songs is mostly mid tempo with punkrock beat and unusual but awesome singing, cool backing vocals and the songs to keep you smiling on a sunny Saturday afternoon while I listen to this record. My personal favorites are Forget and also Under The Moon, songs that are destined to become part of my eternal playlist.

This album is a great return by the great band and it is a must listen for all the fans of melodic punkrock that love their punkrock melodic and heartwarming.



(interview)LATEX MY ASS o muzici, prošlosti, budućnosti i sceni!

LATEX MY ASS je novi zagrebački bend osnovan na pepelu legendarnog psychobilly benda Latex Willer. Nedavno smo bili u Ormožu, Slovenija gdje je Latex My Ass svirao svoj tek drugi koncert kao predgrupa Koffin Kats. Bio je to idealan trenutak da malo popričam sa vokalom/gitaristom Peppersom o nekim stvarima.

Kakav je osjećaj vratiti se na binu nakon nekoliko godina? Koliko je prošlo od zadnjeg giga, 6-7 godina?

-Rekao bih da je super osjećaj, samo jako drugačiji nego kada smo prestali svirati. Nismo puno svirali, koliko je prošlo, osam godina, tada smo svirali možda dva tri giga mjesečno i nekakvo zasićenje se dogodilo, možda najviše autorsko. Par godina smo vrtili iste stvari, a nije dolazila inspiracija za nešto novo i onda nam je to, blago rečeno dosadilo, pa smo prestali svirati. Nakon jedno osam godina se pojavila neka inspiracija, pa su nastale nove stvari i uglavnom sam ih ja sam snimio na kućnom računalu i koristio neku svoju kućnu opremu i dodavao digitalne efekte da zvuči što uništenije pjesma. Slučajno smo se na jednoj probi našli bubnjar iz Latexa, njegov sin i ja i shvatili da zapravo to možemo izvesti onako kako nam se sviđa. Nešto je drugačije od onog prije, ali u tri mjeseca smo uspjeli posložiti pet-šest novih stvari, sviramo pet ili šest starih Latex stvari sa albuma i još toliko stvari koje smo napravili tada, ali nisu nikada bile snimljene. Sada imamo polusatni zabavljački repertoar. Da se vratimo na tvoje pitanje, osjećaj je drugačiji utoliko što smo stariji deset godina, nema više toliko adrenalina koji nas vodi, nego nas više nosi dijeljenje stvorenoga sa najbližim prijateljima. Uglavnom nam je publika sastavljena od dugogodišnjih prijatelja koji su na toj sceni u raznoraznim bendovima, ali povezani sa scenom na različite načine, primjerice kroz fanzine ili obožavanje garage/rocknroll/psycho/punk muzike.

Zanimljivo ime, Latex My Ass, ja sam sebi to protumačio na ovakav način: Latex, na neki način pogled u prošlost, znači prijašnji bend, jer ovo gledamo kao novi bend, a My Ass, okrenuli ste dupence prošlosti i gledate budućnost. Jesam li dobro shvatio?

-Zanimljiv pogled. Volim koristiti u pjesmama i nazivlju višesmislene kovanice, pa tako i ovu. Priča je vrlo jednostavna. Kada je Ivek(bubnjar) radio majice za prošli bend je, bez da se konzultirao sa bilo kim od nas, kao što to i inače radi, stavio na leđa Latex My Ass. Ne znam koja mu je inspiracija bila za to. Htjeli smo produžiti stvaralaštvo Latexa. Imali smo sto različitih imena koji su morali sadržavati Latex u sebi. Jednostavno, zato što i sviramo stare stvari, morao je biti vidljiv taj nekakav nastavak proizvodnje na sličan način, iako je muzika nešto drugačija, iako nemamo kontrabas koji nam je bio prije zaštitni znak kao i većini psycho bendova. Zadržali smo te stare pjesme, sviramo ih na sličan, ali drugačiji način i možda će nam biti lakše vratiti se staroj publici kroz zadržavanje dijela imena, pa smo se zato tako odlučili. Latex My Ass si i ti na neki način dobro skužio, ali nije okretanje guzice onome što smo prije radili. Mi smo na neki način krnji Latex, pa se može reči da nismo zapravo Latex, jer nam nedostaju vrijedni članovi kao Irina, Damir i Markoč, kao i dva kontrabasista koje smo mijenjali, Srki i Felker. Ta cijela ekipa je sudjelovala u stvaralaštvu tako da nismo zapravo Latex i zato smo Latex My Ass.

Slušao sam ova dva singla koje ste izbacili, Pjesma me jako podsjeća na Coffinshakers, možda samo ja to tako čujem, puno je mračnija nego drugi single koji je na engleskom. Zanimljivo, više nije toliko psycho koliko je neki garage punk rock, usudio bih se reči dark rock. Ima li u planu novo izdanje, baš novi album?

-Na jesen ili ove zime, ako ćemo se malo trebati još dodatno uvježbavati, planiramo snimati svakako, imamo dosta materijala za album ili e.p., ali ja bi radije da napravimo cijeli album. Žanrovski smo se probali osloboditi psychobilly-a, prije smo ga forsirali, u to vrijeme u Zagrebu toga baš i nije bilo na način kako se nama sviđalo i na neki način smo i kroz festival koji smo radili i kroz bend pokušali promovirati ono što u psychobillyu mi volimo. Uvijek je bilo miješano sa garažom, punkom i drugim stilovima, jedino nismo išli u metal, to nam nikada nije bilo drago, iako nemam ništa protiv metala i volim otići na metal koncerte, no to nije ono što volim stvarati. Ove nove pjesme su nastajale pod različitim utjecajima, prijatelja i psihičkog stanja što se možda može i čuti. To je horror, ali malo realističniji od onog prije, cijelo vrijeme je u tim pjesmama zapravo bilo izbacivanje smeća iz sebe, a žanrovski se zaista mijenjalo kroz zadnjih godinu dvije pod utjecajem scene i prijatelja među kojima sam se kretao i jako dopuštam da prijatelji imaju utjecaja na mene. Dosta pronalazim nove bendove kroz prijatelje, tako mi je potpuniji doživljaj muzike kada slušam neku muziku koju mi je netko preporučio, ili sam vidio da netko uživa u njoj, to mi je potpuno drugačiji osjećaj od nečeg što sam solo otkrio, nekako je potpuniji osjećaj.

Ovo vam je tek drugi koncert danas, ako se ne varam…

-Ovo je sad drugi gig danas, samo bih htio još, ako smijem dopuniti prošlo pitanje, spomenuo bih da nisam ja jedini stvaraoc u bendu, tu su Ivek i njegov sin Fićo…

Kakva je sinergija između vas dvojice, stare garde i njega tako mladog?

-Fićo je nevjerojatno nadaren mladi dečko koji je počeo svirati prije samo dvije godine i sve nas je već prestigao u nekakvoj kvaliteti svirke, naravno još je jako mlad, tek mu je 16 godina i još puno uči, kakav li će tek biti za godinu ili više dana, to možemo samo zamišljati. Stvarno je nadaren, nekoliko pjesama je i on napravio. Sviđa nam se što on naginje žešćoj strani punk muzike i tjera nas da sviramo što brže i tjera nas da radimo što žešće stvari. Koliko će postići pokazati će vrijeme, ali on nam je sigurno najveći potencijal.


Vidim da na gigovima koristiš neku vrstu corpse painta, šminke na licu, je li ti to ostalo iz starih dana, je li to neko drugo ja na bini ili umjetnički izražaj ili samo dio showa bez dubljeg značenja?

-Što se tiče scenskog nastupa ja sam uvijek bio nekako ambiciozniji od ostatka ekipe i htio jesam da imamo nekakav dodatan scenski nastup uz muziku. Nisam muzičar, volim i cijenim muzičare, no ja ovo radim iz hobija, volim također različite druge tipove umjetnosti. Jako volim Hansovo slikarstvo i pop art općenito, ali uvijek sam htio da na bini postignemo nekakav dodatni efekt uz muziku. U zadnje vrijeme sve više vidim da nije nužno imati scenski efekat, već postići energiju, a šminka na licu je zaostatak iz starih dana, hoće li biti kontinuirano vrijeme će pokazati. Obično neposredno prije nastupa odlučim što i kako se našminkati. Do sada sam se uvijek nekako našminkao, ali da li ću biti koji puta i bez vidjeti ću. Definitivno je drugačije kada se našminkaš, to malo mijenja, napravi neki odmak od tebe, možda si istovremeno, neću reči iskreniji, ali daje ti nekakav prostor da napraviš neke stvari drugačije nego da si to ti.

Što ti misliš, u čemu je sva ta ljepota undergrounda, DIY, te scene, koja nas je sve privukla zajedno u neku mrežu?

-Ljudi koje sam upoznao kroz godine imaju tisuće priča kako ljudi ulaze i izlaze iz scene, ali opet postoji to neko zajedništvo kao druga obitelj. Punkrock nije samo zabava, punkrock je i način života. Dosta je i angažirana scena i muzika. Mi, iako jesmo svirali psychobilly koji pokušava biti apolitičan, ne možeš biti apolitičan, a da nisi desno, pa onda smo mi dio antifašističke struje, iako ne eksplicitno u tekstovima. Tako da smo cijelo vrijeme dio te punkrock obitelji i mislim da to povezuje ljude. Na mjestima gdje se okupljaju rade to što bi inače željeli raditi, a društveni konstrukt im to ne dozvoljava i možda su zapravo u tim trenucima ljudi najiskreniji, nažalost nekada često pod utjecajem alkohola i droga se ljudi otvaraju, ali mislim da ta vrsta zabave koja je kombinirana sa angažmanom mijenja ljude na bolje, ako ne pretjeruju sa opijatima, mislim da to sve zajedno povezuje ljude. To je moj odgovor. Postoji tisuću priča, svaki čovjek ima svoje razloge kako uđe i kako izađe sa scene.


Da, postane toliko dio tebe da postane jedno s tobom, poveže se sa tobom ta scena u jednu veliku cjelinu…

-Kod mene je to išlo malo drugačije, muzika je bila jako prisutna u obitelji. Obitelj je doživjela određene promjene, onda se i u meni dogodila značajna promjena, muzika mi je prije predstavljala nekakvo rekao bih dodatno uljepšavanje života, a sada me muzika spašava od često dosadne svakodnevnice i ja u ovim godinama vidim sada da bi život bez muzike bio potpuno drugačiji.

Hvala ti puno na prvom interviewu za naš zine i želim sreću na gigu večeras, svi ćemo se dobro zabaviti.

-Hvala ti!






(gig report) KOFFIN KATS(USA)+LATEX MY ASS(CRO)-Unterhund, Ormoz, Slovenia-24.06.2019.

Yes! Only two days after great set at Trash N Burn festival, we went so see Koffin Kats again, this time in legendary Unterhund club, Ormož, Slovenia.

This beautiful club is situated in the basement of the town old castle, great venue and it is only circa 20 kilometers from our hometown so when the heat gave in a bit, the three of us went there. Upon arriving, the cops redirected us to the club because some kind of marathon was taking place in the pretty little Ormož town. In front of the club some of us had beer, some water and soon Eric, Tommy and Zac were there and we all hung around and talked and joked one bit, also Simon, the roadie/merch guy/driver was there and I am still awed how great and friendly those guys are. Also, our buddys from Latex My Ass from Zagreb were there and fun could start. After I did an interview with Peppers from Latex for this zine, which you will read soon, we had some more beer and greeted Tjaša, Sara and all other girls and boys who do such a great job with gigs and events over there.

Night fell, fun was at its peak and LATEX MY ASS took their place on stage. This is a new band from Zagreb, Croatia, which was born upon ashes of psychobilly band Latex Willer which was active in the last decade. Peppers, the singer and guitarist of Latex Willer is now joined with former LW drummer and his son Filip on bass. The new material is more garage punk and rock oriented, not so much psychobilly anymore, but they also play some old Latex Willer classics and unreleased songs. The difference is also they don´t have upright bass anymore but I was impressed with how Filip plays his bass and brings new energy to the old guard and he is only 16 years old. Peppers still plays with his intimidating black make up on his face and it looks impressive how some mask changes man into a kind of alter ego on stage. Their set was great and we really had fun listening and watching them play.

KOFFIN KATS were next. The venue was not full, not nearly, but all of us there gave our best with hearts, minds and ears and voices to the band and I could see they really appreciated. I am still impressed how tight this band is, how beautiful Zac´s voice sounds and how skillful they are with the upright bass, drums, and guitar. The show included mainly the same setlist as two days ago, plus Vampire´s Curse and all the favorites were there: Splatterhouse, Chaos, Giving Blood, For Hire, V8 Nightmare, Witch In The Woods, Nostrovia….Also, the people in the crowd really liked all the stunts with guitar/bass change between Tommy and Zac and jumping around. I love how all of them smile to each other and are happy when playing their set, still loving what they do after all these years! I think the show was a bit better than the one two days ago, we all put our energy, hearts and minds into that and the band gave us back that hundred times more. After approximately one hour the band finished their regular set, but they continued playing because we wouldn´t let them go off stage, so they played couple of songs more and triumphally ended the gig after almost hour and a half.

We were tired but also happy and kinda sad that those two shows are now over and we have to say goodbye to our new friends for a while until next year and another European tour. We also hung around with our friends from Zagreb for a time eating some delicious pastry and finishing our drinks. Then, it was time to go home and rest a bit. Thank you Unterhund for hospitality, thank you Koffin Kats and Latex My Ass for an awesome night,  see you all very soon!







(festival report)TRASH&BURN meeting 11-21.06./22.06.2019.

What would end of June every year be without Trash&Burn American cars meeting and music festival? The answer is I can˙t imagine it without this event. For the eleventh year in a row, thanks to Neven and his crew, this fine meeting goes on. We were there.


It all started on Friday, so we went there in the afternoon hours, to check out the atmosphere and feel the beat and smell the rubbers burning and motors running and listen to some great bands. When we arrived there we were awed how much people were there for the first day, how many cars were already there. I don´t remember that many people on Friday last couple of years. We mingled around, greeted some friends, drank a beer or two and checked out all the mighty American cars on display parked around and enjoying burning rubber and motors running loud.

Also, there was an awesome tattoo shop there and vintage stuff, like jewelry, clothing, handmade bags, great barber shop too, so the festival wouldn´t be complete without those things. The mosquitos were biting and drinking our blood like crazy because of the river Mura nearby and all the moist in the air. Fortunately for us, darkness fell upon the land and they were not so active anymore haha. The musical part of the festival started and we checked out great Hungarian band King Cat Rhythm. These guys play energetic rockabilly and I was very impressed with the guitarist/vocalist because he quickly changed guitar for piano during songs and he reminded me a lot of Jerry Lee Lewis. They played around one hour or more and the interaction with the crowd was great. People were dancing, cheering along and singing, enjoying themselves.

We were tired so we went to sleep and unfortunately we missed Irish The Bonnevilles but the people who watched them play their set told us that they rocked and were absolutely one of the festival highlights. We will definitely check ´em out next time when the opportunity arises.

Day two, Saturday is always the best one and most of the people arrive on Saturday from Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and other countries. We waited for our friend to arrive from Zagreb and then ugly storm broke out and after it was finished we went to the festival, fearing that something was damaged by the storm, but fortunately the gods of rock n´roll were with us and everything was in order, no damage, even Sun showed its face again. We met with our friends from Monsterbilly Records crew there, who were preparing to install their merch there. Also, American psychobilly legends Koffin Kats were headlining that day, we met the guys did an interview with them for our zine and they are one of the most friendly and down to earth guys I have ever met. For musical part of the festival the stage was moved inside the tent due to rain. Pin up girl photo contest was held like every year for the annual Trash & Burn calender and all the girls were just stunning. Time flies when you have fun, so the gigs started and first to play Saturday were The Same Old Shoes from Italy. The guys rocked the stage with their rockabilly/old school rock n roll and the crowd danced and just wouldn´t let them off stage. Their set was really nice, bringing smiles and fun to everyone.

The headliners, psychobilly legends Koffin Kats from Detroit are in the middle of their European tour and we were very happy when Neven announced that they will play this year´s edition of the festival. Their set included all the oldies hits and with guitarist Tommy now again a permanent part of the band they returned somehow to their old school more faster stuff. Hits like Graveyard Tree, Chaos, For Hire, A Bottle Called, Giving Blood, V8 Nightmare, Witch In The Woods were making all sing along and dancing to their songs and they proved again being one of the best bands of this genre on this planet. Their set lasted for about one hour and time flies when you are having fun and all good things come to an end.

The fun was at its peak and Paisley Powder from Croatia closed the festival in style performing their garage set of rock n roll paying respect to the rock n roll of 60-ies delivering smiles, dancing, singing along and all the people in the crowd just rocked till early morning hours.

What is left to say? Thank you Neven and all the crew for making this year happen again and for bringing epic good times and memories for 11 years now. Keep up the good work and see you at number 12. Also, winter Trash will be the place we see each other again this year.


(record review) THE TAKE-The Take (Demons Run Amok)

The Take are new band consisting of NYHC legends and we can be safe to call them supergroup. This is their debut album and I listened and reviewed it for our zine. The album comes out with Demons Run Amok.

The_Take Cover

Will Shepler used to be drummer for Agnostic Front and Madball. He and Craig Setari (bass played in Sick Of It All, ex AF and others) decided to return streetpunk and oi vibe with old school into music, so Will recruited Scott Roberts(ex Biohazard, Cro-Mags, Bloodclot!…) for the band. Since Craig was busy with Sick Of It All, bass player became Carlos Congote(Royal Hounds, ex Urban Noise, 45 Adapters).

The result is this debut album full of streetpunk/oi hardcore anthems. Vocally, Scott sounds harsh, but also melodic and I love how his voice is sounding and how great it completes the music song structures. At the moments The Take´s music reminds me a bit of legendary Bruisers but with more hardcore attitude and songwriting. There are hymns sure to become streetpunk classics like Elitist, The Skins Are Out Tonight, King Of The World, but also faster more aggressive hardcore stuff like Revolution Now or Dead To Me. This is an awesome album for all of you who love your NYHC done old school style with streetpunk/oi attitude done with brains and balls.