(record review) Various Artists-Bridging Oceans (Disconnect Disconnect Rec/Pee Records/Thousand Islands Records/Attractive Records)

This record is in fact a 4 way split between Bare Teeth(France), Nerdlinger(Australia), Down Memory Lane(Canada) and SHAMES(Japan). I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


This record is audible proof that there are no boundaries between diy hardcore punk scenes in all of the world and all of the continents as this one features 4 bands from 4 different continents.

There are 3 songs from each band on this record. Bare Teeth from France are our well known band because we already featured them on the pages of this zine, so I knew what to expect from them, being energetic and technical fast melodic hardcore punk with Storytellers being my favorite from their side of the record.

Down Memory Lane are Canadian veterans being formed in 1994., disbanded and reformed back in 2017. to release new music and full length this year, first after 15 years! I was pleasently surprised by their music, with very melodic and fast punkrock without too much philosophy with nice catchy, almost sad melodies and backing vocal harmonies from heaven! My favorite song from their side: Unknown Veterans.

Australian heroes Nerdlinger were also featured already on our pages, so we are not a stranger to their fast, massive party melodic hardcore mixed with reggae ska parts in some songs, which always brings back a smile to my face. Dual vocals, great melodies, energetic music that makes you moving just fit for a nice Sunday while I am writing this feature. Favorite song: Baseballs.

SHAMES were uknown to me prior to this record, but it is an awesome melodic hardcore punk band in the vein of the 90-ies California bands, meaning speed, melody, at times melancholic guitar lines, great vocals and backing vocals and anthemic choruses. Their music is so good that I listened to their songs for couple of times in a row. Favorite song: Break The Parasite.

Awesome idea, awesome bands, awesome record!






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