(record review)CF98-Rotten To The Core (Sound Speed Records)

Wow! My favorite Polish band is back with the new e.p. CF98 just released their new record and I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


Couple of years has passed since the last record and with this new one, I can safely say that the band sounds tighter and better than ever before. Singer Karolina does an awesome job with melodic vocal lines just made for singing along and waving your fist in the air. There are 5 songs on this record and I can´t really decide which one is the best for me. CF98 come from Poland and play melodic punkrock with emphasis on hardcore side of things with some gang style backing vocals on choruses and I won´t be wrong if I name them melodic hardcore band. From all of the songs hardcore influence is mostly heard in the title track and it is for me simply the best one if I can name some favorites. The lyrics are personal, but there are couple of very good thoughts and positive ideas behind the lyrics and these guys have their hearts and minds in the right places. The second best song on this record is Missing Part somehow making warmth in my heart while listening to the song. I am gonna see these guys play live this Summer and I can´t wait for their show.





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