(record review)Cardinal Birds-Children of the 1990´s e.p.

Cardinal Birds are from Ukraine and they have been together around since 2014. I listened and reviewed their new e.p. for our zine.


I just love discovering new bands, especially from the scenes that I don`t know much about. The Ukraine punk hardcore scene is mainly unknown to me, so I am glad that I listened to Cardinal Birds. After two singles, it was about time for the guys to release an e.p. It consists of three songs, intro being little Ramones like song that prepares us for what is to come. The music of Cardinal Birds play is, like the title of the record says, melodic punk with no philosophy, just straight on punkrock with 90-ies skate and Ramones core influence. Summer Nights is for me the best song on the record being driven with melody and good feeling.  One thing that this record lacks are in my opinion a bit stronger vocals, a bit stronger voice, more melody, more harmony in backing vocals and Cardinal Birds will be great. KillKillKill is a song that is very Ramones like but it is, how should I put it, too flat in some parts. But, the e.p. is cool and I am sure that the full length material will be even better.




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