(record review)SENF-Cinik e.p.

There is no global scene without supporting your local scene and little bands that your friends play in, global scene is in fact the network of such bands, so I present you Senf, the band from the town Varaždin, Croatia and I listened and reviewed their new e.p. for our zine.

Senf Fb page photo

This is the third e.p. from the guys and I already wrote about the last one here. Senf is a band that has experienced guys that are in the scene for a long time now, from bands Rectal Destroyer, Fajrunt, The Hangover, Alkotest…This band plays crossover hardcore punk with a lot of metalic parts, stoner parts and pretty brutal vocals courtesy of their vocalist Ivda. But, at the same time their music has that melody and haunting way of playing, the line that is similar to all of the Varaždin bands with excellent musicianship, these guys can really play. This e.p. contains 6 songs, okay 5 plus a cover of old band Skorbut from Varaždin. My personal favorites from this record are Pas and Japa. The lyrics are in Croatian language, mainly satire, cynism, but there are a lot of contemporary themes that can be read between the lines if you know what I mean. Senf grows from e.p. to e.p. and I can safely say that this is their best material to date. Check this one out!




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