(record review)BASH BROTHERS-Downhearted(Thousand Islands Records)

Sweden, besides having plenty metal bands, was also very fertile ground for hardcore punk bands. Do you remember Bash Brothers? We already featured these melodic hardcore punks from Eksjo, Sweden in our zine when we reviewed their first record. Now, I am lucky being able to listen and review for our zine the new, second full length out on Thousand Islands Records.


The new album features 12 songs of epic, high energy fueled fast melodic hardcore punk. Compared to the firs album, it is a great progress for these guys, being more technical, even more musically tight and having great guitar hooks, even very metalic vibes in some songs but yet retaining the punk hardcore edge we all love so much. The vocals are awesome, shouted and screamed yet at the same time melodic sung with great backing vocal harmonies. I can not escape the comparison to Satanic Surfers, but Bash Brothers are more hard and brutal sounding although both bands have some similarities, I would say that Bash Brothers have more hardcore sounding vibe. There are some guest performances on this record, John Harcus from Pmx, Niklas Karlsson from Orbit Culture and Vince Fournier from Our Darkest Days deliver a little support with their voices to the awesome songs. It is so hard for me to say which songs are best to me from this energetic bomb of an album, but I will try, here it is: Dark Passenger, Twist Your Tongue and Green Street. Judging by this record, 2019.started really great.







(review)Hi! Spencer-Nicht raus, aber weiter(Uncle M Music)

Hi! Spencer from Osnabruck, Germany quickly rose to become force to reckon with considering melodic punk with indie and noise influences. I was lucky to listen and review their brand new album that comes out via Uncle M Music for our zine.


There are 11 songs on this record. The music of Hi! Spencer is hard to categorize because the guys managed to create their trademark sound with fresh pop punk melodies topped with darker sounding riffs and melancholic yet hopeful choruses. The lyrics to the songs are in German language, but I understand and speak German so it was no problem for me to understand that the lyrics are mostly personal dealing with fighting and confronting your own personal demons and coping and having hope in today` s fast and sometimes merciless world. It is also about love and friendship and the things we should hold dear in our hearts and I am still warm around my heart when I write these lines, because I love this music, I love this album and the music such as this remind me why I still do this and why I still believe and support this scene after all these years. It is hard to choose, but for me the best songs on this record are: Wo immer Du bist, the title song and Richtung Norden.






(gig report)IGNITE back in Zagreb in Vintage Industrial Bar+SHIN(Zg)-31.01.2019.

Winter is somehow going to slow but certain end and all that sweet Spring and Summer season gigs and festivals are coming back. For start of that season, the good people at Vintage Industrial Bar Zagreb brought melodic hardcore heroes IGNITE from Orange County, California, back to our shores.

Our little international Croat-Slovenian crew started our trip around 6.30 pm, and with a lot of laughs and great company with some stops for pissing we were in Zagreb around 8 pm. We had some time to kill before the gig, so we went to grab some beers and energy drinks in front of the nearby drugstore that is open 0-24 hahah. There we hung around and then all of our friends we haven˙t seen for some time now slowly gathered and it was gig time.

Vintage is for me the most beautiful and one of the best clubs I have ever been to in my life. We said hello to some friends there and talked a bit and then SHIN started to play. I saw those guys play live only once in Prostor in our hometown and liked their set there. When it was announced that they will support Ignite, I looked forward to their show. I was not wrong.




Their bass player was sitting down, I guess the guy has a broken leg or something, but it doesn˙t matter. Shin play melodic modern version of hardcore with some old school elements and they played in many other bands prior to this one, so they really know their hardcore. They played setlist from both of their releases, album and e.p. and the people in front of the stage really appreaciated their set including me. They played half and hour or so. It was only too bad that the crowd was really static, but that˙s how it goes sometimes, but the show was great nonetheless.

After a quick stage makeover it was time for IGNITE to start their show. This was the third Ignite show in three and a half years, and I am going to see them once again this Summer at Punk Rock Holiday, so I had no special expectations, but Ignite is Ignite and led by the special voiced singer Zoli Teglas, they opened with Poverty For All and all of the club just exploded with energy.


I was amazed, like everyone in the club was singing and the smiles were upon people˙s faces and that is whats important, positive mental attitude. Who Sold Out Now and Veteran brought people on their toes. It was very hot suddenly despite the winter outside.


The kids were crowdsurfing and stagediving a bit, but we all took care of one another and fun was all around. The set was filled with great songs like My Judgement Day which Zoli dedicated to Donald Trump, the title song of the current new album, Know Your History, Fill in the blanks, Run, but the special vibe was the acoustic version of Slowdown which we sang so hard that even Zoli was amazed and then A Place Called Home, traditionally sung half in Hungarian, half in English.


The setlist has some changes from the last time I watched them, so they played cover by Bad Religion, the song We´re only gonna die which surprised me and I was curious whether they will play some really old songs. Fortunately, they did, they played legendary Call on my brothers and In my time after congratulating Filip from Zagreb, their stage manager on becoming father. Sunday bloody Sunday marked somehow the end of the regular set, but they said that it was stupid to get off the stage and then we shout for more, then they come back etc etc, so they played more immediately.


It was the first time I saw Ignite play with two guitars, it sounded really awesome and mighty. For the end they left three songs, but first Zoli told us the story of I think Dutch fan who is sick from cancer, the doctors told her she had a month to live, but she is still alive now and fighting five years later. They dedicated Nothing can stop me to all the people who are fighting cancer and similar wicked diseases. Then it was time for the song which always brings goosebumps to my skin. Live for better days,  which every one of us sang, hugged our friends and just always I get goosebumps and tears of joy in my eyes while singing to this song. Then, Zoli thanked everyone who came out and made full house Vintage on a winter Thursday night and Ignite finished their set triumphantly with Bleeding.

We were tired but happy to witness another gig that filled our batteries and made us stronger, more inspired to fight on and more than ever resolved to build this scene and support one another. This is the magic of Ignite and their music. We hung around for a while, said our goodbyes to the people we love and went to the car to get home to our north, tomorrow is a work day, but it is Friday, and we have great memories of a triumphant evening, so it is easy to survive work day on our shitty jobs.