(gig report)Sunday evening with Slapshot and CC at Unterhund in Ormož, Slovenia

Unterhund is a beautiful club in Ormož, Slovenia, under half an hour drive from our hometown. It is situated in the basement of an old town castle and the settings around and in the club are just awesome. It is functioning since the 90-ies and the gigs there are always great. When I heard that Boston hardcore legends Slapshot will play there, it was a must see gig.

When we arrived there the parking of the club was nicely filled with people from all around, meaning Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and I heard that even some people got there all the way from Bosnia. When I entered the club, said hello to some people that I don˙t see very often, the gig was about to start, early since tomorrow is a working day.

CC from Zagreb were the support and their set was about to start. They play fast and ferocious hardcore punk with shouted angry vocals and energetic performance. I listened to their e.p, Wasteland, but never saw them play live and I was not disappointed. They had misfortune because one of their guitarists had technical problems with his guitar, so they had to continue their set with only one guitar, but it was great nonetheless.


The vocalist Lea said that it was their first gig after a pause, due to some line up changes, as I understood the guy from Trophy Jump plays drums now and they have a new second guitarist. Their set lasted about a little more than half an hour and I definitely want to see them perform live again, because I loved it tonight.

After a little stage setup, the guys from Slapshot just walked in, stepped on the stage and opened fire with Told You So. Led by legendary singer Jack Kelly better known as Choke, these Boston hardcore legends delivered their set of old hits coupled with some songs from their current new album Make America Hate Again.


They delivered hits like Watch Me Bleed, No Friend Of Mine, No Time Left, Chip On My Shoulder but I was eager to hear what will Choke say between the songs, because I watched Slapshot play Punk Rock Holiday in 2017.and he didn˙t disappoint there delivering his portion of sarcastic and funny remarks between the songs. The crowd went nuts when Craig Silverman said in Slovenian: Mi nismo metalcore band, mi nismo beatdown band, mi smo hardcore band iz Bostona and Choke asked the crowd do they love breakdowns, then concluded that if they do, they came to the wrong place haha, Slapshot plays old school fast hardcore and then they played the awesome anthem Old Tyme Hardcore. Bassist Ryan Packer was also really in good mood and he kept smiling all the way through the gig.


Choke was also in unusually good mood smiling and joking with kids in front of the stage. Little by little the band finished their set in little under one hour time with Hang Up Your Boots and Step On It with all of us singing along, moshing, pogoing and I love hardcore energy that flowed from the band to us and back again. We shouted for more, so they played one more and then finished the gig. We were a bit tired after long weekend and gigs on Saturday and Sunday but fortunately we didn˙t have to travel long to get home and have some sleep prior to Monday and back to job. This was my second time seeing Slapshot play live and I loved it. Give me more!


3 thoughts on “(gig report)Sunday evening with Slapshot and CC at Unterhund in Ormož, Slovenia”

  1. Ispravak netočnog navoda. Naime, Choke je rekao da ako volite breakdown-ove, na krivom ste mjestu jer su Slapshot pravi hardcore band i oni ne sviraju s breakdownovima.

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