(record review)CANCERSLUG-Beating A Dead Whore

Cancerslug are one of the hardest working diy horrorpunk bands in the scene, releasing countless ep-s, albums and touring mercilessly. I listened and reviewed their new record for our zine.


It contains 18 new anthems. Gathered around mastermind vocalist Alex Story, who also sings for Doyle(ex Misfits axeman solo band), Cancerslug was always special for me. Why? Because of that fuck you attitude and not basically giving fuck about much, including the genre boundaries, their records influenced equally by metal besides hardcore punk. The other part of me loving Cancerslug are their dark, gory lyrics often exploring the deep dark human psyche and the last but not least, delivering awesome music and melodies. It is hard to tell the songs on this record that are more great for me than some, but I will try to tell my favorites: Unoriginal, Dick Solid, I Hate Your Kids, the title track…damn it, the whole damn album! Awesome!





(record review)SMOKEBOMB-Ninja Tape

Remember the mid 90-ies when bands like Downset and similar bands prowled the clubs delivering the energetic mixture of rap and hardcore punk with a metal twist to the hordes of ravenous kids? Well, Smokebomb from Brussels, Belgium remind me just of that wild times. I listened and reviewed their debut release for this zine.


These guys grew and developed their experience in the Belgian hardcore punk scene, until they formed this band in 2017. to spread around their Smokecore, like they call their music, a mixture of hardcore punk and rap with metal guitar hooks. This debut demo tape contains 7 songs. Personally, I am not some avid fan of such music, I never was really, but this sounds fresh and energetic with a lot of brutal mosh hardcore parts, some fast pure punk hardcore song structures and rap vocal lines. I would only love that the singer sounds more diverse, I don˙t know, somehow I got the feeling that he is better at pure hardcore shouting parts than rapping parts. One song that I must put above all the others is Underground Warrior which was a real ripper with awesome blastbeats, even death metal influences parts, hardcore and pure rage. As the record progressed I started to like it more and more with The Way We Do It being another example of great song. Also, Face The Fact was cool for me. This is a good debut and if you are a fan of such music, go grab one tape and contact the guys.





(record review)The Draculads-From Parts Unknown

I love The Theatre Zombies, we featured the review of their record and interviewed the band for this zine. This is the new project by Michael and Rob from The Theatre Zombies.


The Draculads record contains 6 songs. If you listened to The Theatre Zombies, you know approximately what to expect. That means, fast melodic and energetic horrorpunk. Well, the music of The Draculads is similar, but even more melodic, catchy and with more pop punk influences than the above mentioned band.

The record is maybe from parts unknown like the title says, but the guys manage to know their way really well with catchy and anthemic horrorpunk tunes like Night Bride or The Presence(my favorite song on the record). What really surprised me even more pleasently is the final song on this record being atmospheric, dark and poppy tune Dark Embrace which was so great that I listened to the song for three times in the row. This is very good record if you like your horrorpunk melodic, anthemic and awesome.





I love music documentaries. Especially, when they deal with one of my all time favorite bands, namely Agnostic Front from New York.

These guys have been around since the early 80-ies becoming the epitome of New York hardcore punk scene.


When I was a kid, I learned about hardcore punk through bands like Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Life Of Agony and on the back of one Biohazard t-shirt, their guitar player Bobby Hambel wore a hat or a t-shirt with the title Agnostic Front, so I thought to myself, cool name for a band, it can`t be bad when Biohazard Bobby wears their shirt/hat. I was a kid with wide eyes exploring for me every day growing hardcore punk world.

Then Madball˙s first record Set It Off came out and there was that famous Dynamo 95. special episode of Headbanger`s Ball, hosted by Biohazard themselves in which they interviewed Madball ant they talked with pride and respect about AF. I went out and got myself the Last Warning/United Blood AF cd with their last show and I was stuck with the power impact of hardcore force in the music and the lyrics. Couple of years passed and AF re-formed, Something´s Gotta Give album came out and upon hearing that album in combination with their older songs I became total fan and they had so great influence on me and my hardcore philosophy that they made me a better man I am today. Their songs were with me through both good and bad times in my life.

Now, this movie came out, I long awaited to see it and I did see it yesterday. It tells the life story of AF through life, eyes and philosophy of two main men, the singer Roger Miret and iconic guitarist Vinnie Stigma. It made my heart warm to see how simple these guys are, how they still live what they sing about although both in their late 50-s/early 60-s. I read Roger˙s book a while ago, so I knew the kind of hard life he had with abusive stepfather and why he rather chose to live in the streets, so the music saved his life in a way. Stigma is also one of the most sincere, friendly and larger than life characters in the hardcore punk scene. This movie made me nostalgic, inspired, touched, heartwarming and only tightened my strength and resolve to persist in doing fine work to improve our beloved scene.


(record review)ME AS WELL-Shipwrecks & Melodies

Karlovac, the town in Croatia, has always been fertile soil for underground scene, having an awesome amount of great bands with names like Kontra, Scud, Flaster of Disaster, NSIB and many others immediately coming to my mind. Me As Well are one of younger bands in that scene, with one e.p. and one full length album out prior to this record. Their great and energetic shows, built them respect and much love in the scene.


This new e.p. contains 5 songs, three in English and two in Croatian language. The music is still that high energetic melodic hardcore with vocalists Maja and Leo forming an impressive melodic soundscape which makes goosebumps on my skin. I love both songs in Croatian(Lajavi Pas and Grad), being fast and melodic anthems with great lyrics and choruses that made me smile, hum and sing along. The title song is in my opinion one of the best songs MAW did until now, with calm beginning and then evolving to fast and melodic heartwarming song. The song called Reaction shows how powerful this band in fact is, both vocally and instrumentally. Echo is a nice miniature of melodic but furious hardcore. This is one of the best releases to come out of Croatia this year!




(record review)VOODOO ZOMBIE-Reviresco(Batcave Records)

Voodoo Zombie are probably the best known psychobilly band from Chile, they recently became a part of Batcave Records family and released their new record. I listened and reviewed the record for our zine.


The album contains intro plus ten songs. The music of Voodoo Zombie is psychobilly with horrorpunk influences. All of the songs would not be what they are without great voice of the singer Katona Katrina whose trademark voice sounds better than ever before. There are some faster and for me outstanding songs like for example El Mesias, but also slower, seductive rock n roll beauties like Existencia Infernal. I have two versions of that song on this record. Yes, you got that right, all of the lyrics are in Spanish language, so maybe you and I don`t understand all of the stuff these guys are singing enough, but I understand enough Spanish to know what the song titles are about hehe. You will have no problem with the songs like Zombiewalk or Un Mejor Cadillac. This is a great record from a great band. Check it out and also other great stuff at Batcave which is a small label, but has some great releases.






(record review)Family Meeting-Walk Left/Stand Right(Thousand Islands Records)

Family Meeting, melodic punks from Toronto, Canada just released their final record via Thousand Islands Records. I listened and reviewed the record for our zine.


The record contains 3 songs of beautiful, melodic and technical skatepunk. I love the diversity in the pace, atmosphere and awesome melodies of No Honour Amongst Steves. The title track is for me the best song on this record with the chorus that made my head spin and my skin get goosebumps and made me wish that I wrote this song. For Months Of Rain made me somehow sad, realising the fact that this is the final record for this band, and I only discovered them. But, the music will carry on and the smiles on the faces of us, listeners will be eternal, knowing that the legacy of this great band will remain in memory and ears and our hearts forever.