(record review)Hateseeker-Witch House

New Zealand as punk hardcore or horrorpunk scene was totally unknown to me on the other side of the world until I discovered one band called Horror Story, I love their horrorpunk. They are unfortunately defunct as I know, but there is still new hope for that scene in the shape of Hateseeker, great band whose new record I listened and reviewed for this zine.

cover morse

Witch House is the name of the new record with 13 songs in total. The music of Hateseeker is horrorpunk, classic but with some metal influences in guitar riffs and hooks and song structures. This is not your generic horrorpunk Misfits clone, quite the contrary, this is enough brutal music to appease more harsher liking fans, yet it retains enough melody and atmosphere to appease also melodic side of fans. If I must compare it to someone, that would be Cancerslug, although not in vocals department, only musically. The lyrics of the songs are your horror heaven fantasy and with some of my favorite songs on this record like for example Black Death, Dead By Dawn or the title track you just can`t go wrong. This record is interesting both for brutal loving horrorpunks and melody lovers because it took the best from both worlds and blended it into one perfect nightmare in the witch house.





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