(record review)DISBAJA-Time is…Cruel Master!

Finally, the second release by Disbaja is out now. I listened and reviewed this record for our zine.

Disbaja are crust/hardcore/metal/punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, although the members of the band originally come from couple of Croatian towns like Požega, Županja, Rijeka…The music has no boundaries, so it doesn` t really matter where is someone from.

Having some lineup changes, Disbaja parted ways with their singer, so that was a little setback in recording this album, but in the end, it turned out just fine with original guitarist/vocalist Atlija resuming the vocal duties, like on their first release.

The new record contains 13 songs of infernal metalised hardcore punk with crust and d-beat thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are a mix of poltical and personal, all of them in English. I just love how Disbaja emproved from their debut release. This sounds powerful and harsh, just the title track is in my opinion a perfect amalgamation of every band these guys played prior to Disbaja, all the music that they love, all their experiences, to form an apocalyptic soundscape. Personally, I am not avid fan of d-beat bands, but Disbaja is far from being captured into scene boundaries and fences, their music went far beyond that, evolving to apocalypse, but the kind we crave, delivering mayhem but providing catharsis, leaving us in the wasteland of human psyche and physics. Awesome album.





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