(record review)DAVE SMALLEY AND THE BANDOLEROS-Join The Outsiders

Dave Smalley, besides being punk hardcore legend and icon from his work with the legendary bands like Dag Nasty, DYS or Down By Law, is also one of the most hardworking guys in the scene. This time, I listened to the new record by Dave Smalley And The Bandoleros and reviewed it for this zine.


This is a new band which Smalley formed with three Spaniards and one Argentinian dude to make some nice and crazy music. The record contains 11 songs of warm and melodic punkrock with hardcore excursions into faster songs like for example Eye Of Fire. I love the simple but smart sincerity of Better Make It Count and My Funeral Pyre, also the title song is awesome too! Who loved Dave˙s work with his previous and current bands will also love the music on this record. It is not complicated, on the contrary, this record takes us back to some simpler punkrock times that we sometimes lack in the scene nowadays and we definitely need to connect ourselves again with hardcore punk in our hearts and souls and ask ourselves, do we still believe in the values and the scene? I know I do! I still love hardcore, a lot! And I will carry this love until my last breath. This record is pure love!





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