The only movie about astral out of body projection in the horror genre that I have seen so far is Insidious, so I was eager to see how Astral will turn out. Starring Frank Dillane(Fear The Walking Dead) and Vanessa Grasse(Leatherface), this movie is about the metaphysics student Alex who tries to cope with the death of his mother. When he tries to reach out to her through the astral projection, he gets way more than he wanted….

The one thing that bothered me a lot concerning this movie when watching is actual slowness. Nothing important happens in the first half an hour,. Then after Alex and his friends decide to record his alleged astral projections, weird shit starts to happen. There are some spooky scenes with shadow people starting to appear and making Alex and his friends desperate for help.

Suddenly, the shadow people follow Alex everywhere and the movie finally gets creepy and turns into a psychological horror or mindfuck horror.

The ending of the movie was okay, but a bit too sped up after dragging first half of the movie. Decent, but waay to slow!



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