(record review)Hillview-The law of averages(Morning Wood Records)

00 - Hillview - The Law of Averages-Digipak

Hillview are relatively new band from Los Angeles, California, this being their debut album. But, they are in no way new regarding the members˙ experiences playing in hardcore punk bands. This band is made of experienced people from Union 13.





The album contains 12 songs of awesome energetic fast paced hardcore punk. I can surely say that the music of Hillview is a sum of the members experience playing in other bands plus what they privately love and listen. Besides being melodic and neckbreaking fast hardcore punk, these guys are not afraid to sail into restless metal waters in many song structures making it one very nice and technically perfect whole. But, not all is in technical song structures, so Hillview´s main advantage are beautiful melodies, great sung vocal lines courtesy of Eddie Carasco, the guitarist for well known Union 13. The vocals, which are very important for me in such bands are just perfect, so are backing vocal harmonies. While I listen to this album, I just realize how awesome it is and how perfect the songs are. If I must name some songs that worked for me above others which are also great, that would be Pictures Of You, The Law Of Averages and Find The Way. Perfect album!





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