(record review)The Draculads-From Parts Unknown

I love The Theatre Zombies, we featured the review of their record and interviewed the band for this zine. This is the new project by Michael and Rob from The Theatre Zombies.


The Draculads record contains 6 songs. If you listened to The Theatre Zombies, you know approximately what to expect. That means, fast melodic and energetic horrorpunk. Well, the music of The Draculads is similar, but even more melodic, catchy and with more pop punk influences than the above mentioned band.

The record is maybe from parts unknown like the title says, but the guys manage to know their way really well with catchy and anthemic horrorpunk tunes like Night Bride or The Presence(my favorite song on the record). What really surprised me even more pleasently is the final song on this record being atmospheric, dark and poppy tune Dark Embrace which was so great that I listened to the song for three times in the row. This is very good record if you like your horrorpunk melodic, anthemic and awesome.