(movie)THE NUN(2018.)

I don`t know why most of the horror fans went mad for The Conjuring movies, but they somehow didn˙t work out for me. They were okay, but nothing special, like all or most of the modern horror cinema mainstream movies. Now, The Nun is featured in cinemas, being the spinoff from The Conjuring universe, based on spooky nun character from the second Conjuring movie. I was eager to check out this one.


It started promising with a suicide of a nun in a remote Romanian monastery and a priest and the nun to be are sent to Romania to see what went on in that monastery. I love how the greyness of the surrounding and the music fit well in the scene with decent acting and the first half an hour of the movie was just fine in my opinion.

There are some really spooky moments like encountering the reverend mother upon arriving to the monastery and the night attack at the old graveyard. Great stuff! Taissa Farmiga(sister of better known Vera Farmiga, known for her role in American Horror Story tv show), was great as sister Irene, Demian Bichir(The Hateful Eight, Machette Kills) too, as father Burke. Their characters somehow add to the overall sinister atmosphere of the movie. They both had some personal torment, which is an important factor in the whole story.

The second half an hour of the movie started with us learning the background of the main characters and spooky and scary events happening in the remote monastery. At that moment my thoughts were that this movie is non stop action packed thrilling ride! I loved absolutely every minute of the first half of the movie! The last third of the movie is reserved for clarifying to us the viewers the history of the cursed monastery and how the nun apparition came to be. The grand finale was good for the movie of this kind. I was so afraid that they will ruin it all in the end, but it was pleasure to see that was not the case. The Nun left some space for the sequel and for couple more thing to be scared of, so I have mixed feelings that the sequel could spoil all the good scares that this movie gave me. Great movie for mainstream cinema horror!




(record review)DOWN MEMORY LANE-Release(Thousand Islands Records)

Down Memory Lane are melodic hardcore punk from Montreal, Canada, and they just released their new record through mighty Thousand Islands Records, so it was about time for me to listen and review it for this zine.



These guys were formed in 2015.in the suburbs of Montreal with a goal to play the 90-ies melodic punk and since then they released three e.p.-s sung in different languages. This new record contains 6 songs of great, fast and 90-ies styled melodic hardcore skatepunk. One of the best songs on this record is funny titled A Song About This Song, being fast, anthemic, making you pump up your fist in the air and sing at the top of your lungs. The other songs that are top of this record in my opinion are Xenophobic and Catch And Release. The vocals on records such as this are very important to me, so Down Memory Lane have great singer and nicely done backing and harmonic vocals. This record again shows the strength and multitude of Canadian punk scene making it one of my favorite scenes in the world.