(gig report)TRASH AND BURN Winter Edition-08.12.2018.-Metalac Industrial Bar Čakovec, Croatia

As all of you who read this zine know, Trash and Burn festival of American cars, music, kustom culture is one of our favorite destinations every Summer at the end of June. This event celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, so once again congrats to Neven for persisting so long and making all of this possible.

Couple of years ago, Neven started to organize winter edition of Trash and Burn, promoting the cult pin-up calendar that is the trademark of every year`s Trash and Burn. This winter editions of the festival are a blast, so this year it was held in lovely Metalac Industrial Bar in our hometown.


Upon arriving to the festival site, the first thing we saw were awesome kustom culture makings, especially the great kustom made bikes, courtesy of Sanchez and all the other great mates from Magna Rota BC Slovenia. Also, many other great stuff, like Guerrila Garage, tattoo artists, barber shop, and the people were chilling and having fun around drinking some beer and the whole atmosphere was so nice and relaxed and I loved every second of the time we spent there.



We spent time in the company of friends from Slovenia whom we haven´t seen for some time, so it was nice to chat, laugh and spend some time together. Time passed fast and it was time for the first band to take the stage. CLOCKWORK PSYCHO from Ljubljana, Slovenia played first. I saw this band play live couple of times in the last 5 years, and I haven´t checked them out live since the end of April this year, when they supported Michale Graves in Zagreb, they had superb set there, so I knew we were in for great music.


When the psychobilly punkabilly trio took the stage, the first thing I saw is, that always fascinates me, how much they enjoy the gig, every minute of it. They play ferocious punkabilly and their set included songs from all three of their albums that they released so far. The only thing that lacked is a bit more response from the crowd in front of the stage. I mean, there were enough people there, but when the band plays their hearts and souls out on the stage, the crowd should give back something to the band, not only stand still and watch.



It doesn´t matter, all of us who love this band had a blast when they delivered their mighty one hour set. I love the connection and interplay from all three members, how every one of them sings and the characters they present when on stage. Great show!

Midnight was well behind us when the second band on the tonight´s bill took the stage, EIGHTBOMB from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I never saw those guys play live, I love their earlier songs and they still promote their new album that came out earlier this year. Eightbomb play more rockabilly oriented music, with sometimes faster psychobilly influences in the songs. The guys also played their hearts out, but the crowd remained the same as when the first band played, meaning only clapping, occasional cheering between the songs and nothing more. Nonetheless, Eightbomb played fine mighty one hour set and all of the hits from their releases were there and as I saw them, I think they were satisfied with their gig.




After the live shows, the party continued long into the night with dj-s, and I can only say, congrats Neven, you did it again, we had a blast!