(gig report)Š.T.B.K./BKD/BREZ VPRAŠANJ-07.12.2018.-Klub Prostor Cezam Čakovec

Long time no punk gigs in our hometown, since In Memoriam annual gig, so I was really happy when this gig was announced to take place on a Friday night.

Three bands on the bill, three relatively similar, yet different punk visions and I expected kids to go crazy in front of the stage. But, when me and my friend Lazar arrived to Prostor, not much was happening. There were still soundchecks going on, and in front of the club relatively small number of punks and skinheads were doing what they do best when awaiting the gig to start, meaning drinking some booze, smoking and joking around.

Almost on time according to the schedule, guests from Slovenia BREZ VPRAŠANJ took the stage. I never listened to the band, although I know some of the guys that played in a band called Malo Morgen couple of years ago, I even played with my former band together with Malo Morgen in Beltinci, Slovenia.


Brez Vprašanj play some kind of punkrock with a lot of streetpunk and some oi influences and their lyrics are in Slovenian language.  Some of the songs are just awesome and anthemic with a lot of great parts, and some were too slow and too rock n roll for me. But, in all, this band was just fine on this gig and I had fun watching their set and listening to their punkrock music. What impressed me the most is that all the members sing the vocal parts, even the drummer, so that was great to hear and see. They play in my opinion around 45 or 50 minute long set and during the second half of their set, the space in front of the stage started to fill in, and some of the guys even pogoed a bit and did some singalong and cheered the band, and they deserved it because it is a good band.

For me personally, the best band of the evening and absolute discovery were Š.T.B.K. guests from the south of Croatia, Opatija/Lovran/Rijeka area. This trio just blew me away with their ferocious yet at the times melodic hardcore punk. The guys sounded like a crossbreed between one of my favorite bands from the 90-ies, Nula from Šibenik, and oi/streetpunk influences.


With dual vocals provided by the guitarist and bassist, high speed energetic drumming and lyrics in Croatian, sung and shouted, these guys were in my eyes absolute winners of the evening. The only thing that in my opinion lacked in their set is a little more interconnection with us, the crowd. But, those guys were just letting their music talk for them and it was awesome.

The last band of the evening bill were BKD from Varaždin, our well known band from the pages of this zine. With a demo and a studio album they still promote, coupled with usual funny stuff between the songs, BKD brought smiles to all of the faces present at the gig.


Their songs about working class, fun, drinking, booze and again a little more booze were the winning recipe for the evening. Everyone sang along, danced, fooled around during their 40 minute set of oi drunk punk. They included a couple of new songs in their set, that are not yet recorded and judging by what I heard, the new material is great. After the finish of their regular set, couple of guys from the crowd and the band continued to play or try to play hehe a couple of covers and everyone went nuts and the party continued well in the early hours of Saturday.

Could have been a bit more people at this gig, but it was real fun to be there and listen to the three good bands.