(record review)MISGIVINGS-Hermitage(Lockjaw Records)

The UK melodic punkrock scene is alive and pulsing with awesome bands and releases coming out this year. This time I listened and reviewed the debut album by Misgivings out on Lockjaw Records.


Portsmouth, UK based band releases their new debut album after hard work of making this eight songs sounding superb! This album is one of the better ones that came out this Autumn/Winter of 2018. Why? The quality of the music on this album leaves me with opened jaw and wanting to listen to this album again and again. This is not fast skatepunk hardcore record, this is mid tempo to upbeat punkrock with heart and melody that makes you wanna cry a bit but also smile a lot.Okay, there is one faster song On Your Tongue which makes the album even greater and more diverse, but what makes this album so strong are melodic punkrock anthems such as The Artless Life, Johnny Come Late and I Keep Hoarding Up. The vocals on this album are harsh but still melodic, not unlike Leatherface, Flatliners and similar bands, but these guys managed to sustain the bitterweet atmosphere with their music and that, in combination with great songs, makes this album a winner!