(record review)Miss Dreadful-Evil Hides

Miss Dreadful are horrorpunk/deathrock band from Ohio and I listened and reviewed their latest record for this zine.


To get one thing clear at the start of this review, this is not your basic in your face horrorpunk with lots of ooohs and Misfits/Danzig styled vocals. No. This duo consisting of Miss Dreadful and Johnathan Hatter plays a bit different music.  Their music leans more on mystic, atmospheric, horror occult rock and deathrock with some punky elements thrown in here and there and horror  lyrics about death, dark fantasies, madness and blood. The seducing siren melodic voice of Miss Dreadful is what takes this music and carries us as listeners to some other dark but nonetheless attractive dimensions. Like, when we are scared of something, but we just can˙t keep our eyes off of it. The music is slower to midtempo with interesting musical solutions in the song structures and nice melodic lines made as leading threads in the songs. For me, favorite songs on this record are Schizophrenic Psychopatic Love, In Her Grave and Taxidermy Boyfriend.




Bandcamp: https://missdreadful.bandcamp.com/album/evil-hides