(record review)Kriva Istina-Manifest Pobune

Time for some more Croatian bands to grace the pages of this zine. If you don˙t believe in your local scene, you will never believe and change the global scene. Kriva Istina are from Slavonski Brod/Zagreb and this is their new album which I listened and reviewed for this zine.


This band is active now for years and they released one split record with Faak Am See and one album, so after some slight lineup changes, this is their new second album. I eagerly waited for this album after listening to the first single and kind of title track Manifest thousand times. Boy, I was not wrong. This is one of the best melodic hardcore punk albums to come out this year. It contains 11 songs of resistance, smart lyrics that leave you in depth thinking and above all awesome technical melodic hardcore skatepunk, not unlike Propagandhi and similar bands. The lyrics are in Croatian language and they deal with activism, making a difference, friendship, sexism and the whole record basically reflects the dark political situation that is happening in Croatia right now and leaves us with hope that there is still light in darkness and people who are striving to make a change and this world better for us all. If you are in energetic melodic positive hardcore punk, played fast with heart and soul, this record is just right one for you. Get this one!


Links: https://www.facebook.com/krivaistina/



(news-punk)Incisions join TNSRecords family, brand new album soon!


Manchester is the home of UK DIY punk. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re wrong. Manchester birthed Incisions in 2015 and they’ve been honing the sound since. This is what being young, working class punk in the North of England sounds like. They’ve combined love, lust, liquor and rage, dragging 80s American hardcore through the streets of Manchester.

Covering global issues like the far-right uprising and deceitful politics the world over, through to more personal subjects like addiction problems and heartbreak, the band felt the record was a true reflection of what they are about. 12 songs in 19 minutes is the result of short sharp bursts of furious yet melodic hardcore from one of the most exciting bands in the country right now.

Incisions are a local band that won’t be local for long. This album is looking like its really going to shake things up a bit. #bedroomrevolution #incisions

The album is available on vinyl (white with black splatter), CD and digital download.

Pre-order: http://bit.ly/IncisionsAlbum
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/IncisionsBandcamp
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2zVDvFx