(record review)Bring On The Storm-Altruism

Bring On The Storm are hailing from Calgary, Canada and I listened to their new record and reviewed it for this zine.


This is the self released record with Thousand Islands Records being partner for distribution. The record contains 8 songs of melodic technical skatepunk. If I must compare their music to some bands it would be Strung Out and This Is A Standoff. The music is at an awesome musicianship level, technical yet ultramelodic and neckbreaking fast, like for example Life Sucks, one of my favorite songs on this record. The lyrics are, as far as I heard them, personal and they fit just nice into the song structures. The guys also show with Alive that acoustic songs can be really beautiful. But, what makes this record great, are straight forward fast technical tunes like Spineless Gutless Bitch. If you love your skatepunk technical, melodic and energetic this one is a keeper!