(record review)De Lyckliga Kompisarna-Pengar Har Inga Ögon

Sweden has been the place with many awesome melodic punk bands all throughout 90-ies when I was a kid. Some of the bands reached legendary status and respect in the scene like No Fun At All, Satanic Surfers for example. This time we reviewed the record by De Lyckliga Kompisarna.


The record contains 12 songs with all of the lyrics being in Swedish, so I can˙t understand a word what they are singing about. The music is punkrock, but it gets a bit weird sometimes like in Ostronskal, mixture of ska and punk with some atonal even stoner melodies. There are some folkish/polka songs like Olika kulturklubbar that are for sure fun to dance to and listen, maybe live also fun as hell. Don˙t get me wrong, there are awesome straight forward punkrock songs on this record like Johanna for example. This record has some great moments, besides the weird ones, but that versatility makes this record good.





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