(record review)Fat Bastard-Junk Yard Fest

Wow! That is only thing I can say after listening to the new Fat Bastard record! Read the review in our zine!


Hailing from Belgium, Antwerp area these guys have been in the scene for a while and this is their new e.p. The music of Fat Bastard is not rocket science, it is nothing new, but they do it with style and passion that makes your heart dance in the chest. The energy this band provides on this record is incredible. Fat Bastard play Motorhead like punk n roll with dirty, but still melodic greasy riffs, guitar hooks, great vocals and awesome song structures. Yet, the guys managed to retain that original, primal rock lust for life and energy that makes this record so good. The record contains 7 songs and in my opinion, for me the best on this record are Dead Man Charlene, Blood Sweat and Beer and Dead Man Walking. Check this one out, you won´t regret it!




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