(record review)ODPISANI-Prva Vrsta

Odpisani are hardcore punk veterans from Pomurje region of Slovenia. They recently released their new record and I am really happy that I was able to listen and review it for this zine.


These guys have been around for more than 20 years now. I remember first hearing their music and watching them play live in 1996.in my hometown at Tzscha open air festival. Now, 22 years later, their new record called Prva Vrsta is out. The record contains 6 songs. What comes to mind upon the first hearing is the clarity and power of the production. Tue Madsen(Sick Of It All, Madball…)did an awesome job with the record. Of course, that would not be enough without the quality of the material itself. Let me write my impression of the songs:

Demoni-Nice, almost nostalgic guitar hook in the beginning of the song and politically alegorical lyrics mixed with aggressive and fast, but still melodic hardcore punk make this one of the best songs on this record.

Marsovci-As soon as I heard this one live, I knew that it is a hit. Humorous ode to drinking and friendship with a slight touch of science fiction and anthemic singalong chorus make this one my favorite of this record and Odpisani live shows. Check out the awesome video for this song made by Jaka from JZA Crew.

Blazen-In my opinion the most angry and harsh song on the record, emphasized by angry Borut˙s vocals and guitar/drum machine gun staccato.

Pištolo Mon-Another sing along anthemic song just made for live gigs, for hugging your sweaty pit pal and singing along holding your fists high in the air. Great sarcastic lyrics of this song.

Alfa-The most metallic song of the record. Also, the song with most groove and probably the best lyrics and awesome chorus.

Lotmerk Underground-This one is also live hit at the gigs. Ode to beer, streets and friendship and I love it.

The lyrics on this record are understandable to us who live nearby and get what the guys are singing about. But, many may have problem with understanding the lyrics because they are done in Slovenian dialect spoken in this part of the country. So, that might be a slight minus for the band. But, considering that they are doing great job for more than 20 years now, I don˙t think they consider it a disadvantage of some sort. Good one!





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