(record review)Dead Uns-Cold Winds(Indelirum Records)

Italy has always been a very fertile ground for good punkrock and hardcore bands and this time I listened the new Dead Uns record which came out on Indelirium Records. Read the review here!


What do Dead Uns play? On this record you can find five songs of melodic punkrock. What is new to that? Nothing new. But, the one thing that in my mind sets Dead Uns apart from many similar bands is the atmosphere. I still get goosebumps after listening to some bands and this one is one of those. What also sets this band apart from others is the singer`s voice. That dude sings his heart out and has such a beautiful voice, harsh yet melodic and he can express all the emotions of the music with his voice. Add to that great melodic songs, you get a decent record for your pleasure. The lyrics are in English language and as I understood while listening they are mostly personal. The songs I love the most on this record are: Cold Winds and Hands Off This Land.