(record review)Motel Transylvania-Motel Transylvania(Undead Artists)

Samhain has passed for this year, but there is no reason why we shouldn˙t continue with some horrorbilly, don˙t you agree? I listened and reviewed the new Motel Transylvania record out on Undead Artists for this zine.


As you guessed, the guys play horrorbilly, a mixture of psychobilly and horrorpunk and are hailing from Italy. There are 13 songs on this new record and it rocks! The music kinda reminds me of better known Austrians Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, even vocally in some songs. The songs are melodic and varied, from the faster psychobilly of the title track, accross the twisted evil sounding doo wop of Beyond the Lights, and straight horrorpunk anthems like 4 or The Night Of The Living Dead and rock n roll of It˙s Not So Bad. . I would like very much to check out these guys live, I am sure they put on hell of a show with this fine songs. I love this record.








(record review)COMPLETE!-On The Edge

Eastern Europe has a vast and really great underground punk hardcore scene. Complete! are one of the bands from that area, namely Ukraine. I listened and reviewed for our zine their new record that they recently released.


This record contains 5 songs of melodic punkrock with some faster, some more midtempo songs. What I immediately like about this record is that it is done with a lot of emotion and it reminds me musically of some of my favorite bands from the Croatian scene. Fear is one of my favorite songs on the record, being faster and also having some hardcore influenced breakdowns and screamed vocals. On The Edge is more mid tempo punkrock song with straightforward melody and style. The vocalist sounds a bit special, having awesome voice which adds to the dramatic of the songs, this is especially heard in Creaky Bed. I love What We Deserve because it has a nice melody, lyrics and great interplay between fast skatepunk and hardcore breakdowns, sounding tough and melodic at the same time. We Feel is a more mid tempo punkrock song with singalong chorus which adds to the great feel of the record hehe. This is a nice one, give it a try!