(news)Peste: New Punk-HC Project With Members Of Tutti I Colori Del Buio, Haram, If I Die Today, Papazeta


PESTE is the union of musicians taken from the italian underground scene. A new punk/hardcore project with members of Tutti I Colori Del Buio, Haram, If I Die Today and Papazeta. The quartet will release a self-titled EP via This Is Core during the next year. Violence, negativity and hate against mankind are the keywords for describe their work. In their fast five pieces Peste deal with the brutal horror hidden inside of everyone soul, the human ability of destroying everything all around without no remorse remaining a slave of fear till death. A truly daily and deeply nightmare inside every human being.

“Peste” artwork




(record review)THE CASUALTIES-Written In Blood

The Casualties have a new record out and I listened and reviewed it for our zine. Read on and check it out if you love hardcore punk!


These long time running American hardcore/streetpunk legends had really hectic last couple of years. Besides relentless touring making them one of most hard working bands in the scene, they suffered line up loss when their singer Jorge decided to quit the band. Enter the new vocalist David Rodriguez and this is the first record with brand new material and new vocalist. The record contains 15 songs of energetic hardcore punk/streetpunk with harsh vocals, fast paced songs and gang singalong anthemic choruses. The fans of the band will get what they are used to, because the material is similar to the old stuff, only the singer is more understandable what is he singing about, because he sings harsh, but you can hear the words in the vocal lines. There are couple of songs on the record that are excellent like Lost, Ashes Of My Enemies and Written In Blood. Also, check out the new video for 1312, the song is okay, but there are couple of way better songs on the album. Good one.