(record review)Debt Neglector-The Kids Are Pissed

Debt Neglector are punks from Orlando, Florida and their new record is out now! I listened and reviewed it for this zine.

debtneglector ep

I must admit that it˙s a shame but I have never heard of these guys prior to this record but this record corrected that mistake. This record contains 6 songs of straight from the heart melodic punkrock. The songs are not too fast, rather mid tempo punkrock with nice vocal melodies and what is more important excellent and smart lyrics that are covering mainly political like Scared of U.S. to personal and one of my favorite songs on the record is New White Roses which is as I understand about resisting tyrannical and fascist government like White Rose organization that opposed the Nazis in Germany during WW2. All of the songs are awesome, energetic, heartfelt but still proving that punk can be political and melodic at the same time. Check out this band and this record because they will become one of your favorites for sure.







(new single-punk)Listen to the new Antillectual single here!


Dutch melodic hardcore Antillectual released their new single. This is the 2nd song in their singles series after they quit making traditional albums. It’s an ode to conscious consumers in a capitalist world. Find lyrics, liner notes and the song on all platforms via antillectual.com/theinvisiblehand.