(gig report)Fraktura Mozga(Zg)+Krešo I Kisele Kiše(Ri)+Partleki(Čk)-03.11.2018.-Prostor Čakovec

Every year around first weekend in November the punk hardcore tribe gathers in our hometown Prostor club to celebrate life and times of those that are unfortunately no longer with us. Our sisters and our brothers who have fallen, too many to name here but always in our minds. We Salute You gigs represent all of our fallen ones, but they are symbolized in Tusta, the late singer of legendary Kud Idijoti and Danko Toplek, the brother from our hometown who passed away in 2014. These gigs are held every year with usually awesome line-up, this year it was time for Fraktura Mozga(Zagreb), Krešo I Kisele Kiše(Rijeka) and our hometown boys Partleki to do some serious partying here.

When we came out in front of Prostor, the kids were doing all the punk folklore stuff there, like drinking, smoking, hanging around and waiting for the gig to start. The gig was scheduled to start at 10 pm but like usual it started circa half an hour later. The first to open the night were FRAKTURA MOZGA, trio from Zagreb. I saw the guys play live only once prior to this gig on Tepih na Paleti festival in Slovenia in 2017. They don˙t play live really a lot although they have been on the scene since 2002.


I really love their melodic punk stuff with lyrics in Croatian language and their gigs are fun to watch with great communication with the crowd and the guitarist/vocalist Matija is the master in ranting bullshit between the songs and making all the kids laugh and keeping it positive.

Their lyrics are about drinking, some personal stuff, humour and a bit politics, but the songs never get boring.


They delivered set of songs from all of their releases with hits like Vampirska, Ljeto je, Život je sranje being combined with older material like Vikend panker, Direktna akcija…They surprised me when they covered Do What You Want by Bad Religion and Satan Panonski˙s Dragi sine moj. They finished the set with one of their biggest hits Božić je and all of the kids gathered in front of stage joined Matija singing chorus. I really loved their set, because they were the main band in tonight˙s line up as far as I am concerned, but they didn`t play two or three songs that I would like to hear live very much.

I went outside to drink some water and catch some fresh air from all the cigarettes being smoked in Prostor. That is why Slovenian clubs are better concerning cigarettes, all kids there smoke outside. When the club is full and hot, there is no air, there are cigarettes to choke you even more. Hopefully one day all the clubs in Croatia will be a non smoking inside zone.

While I gasped for air, the second band of the evening, KREŠO I KISELE KIŠE from Rijeka started to play their set. This band has been on the scene for a while now, releasing three studio and one live album. In the beginning they were not really my cup of tea. I saw them play live in Slovenia on Tepih na Paleti fest couple of months ago for the first time in my life and they delivered a killer set there. After that, I listened to all the albums and I changed my opinion and really started to love this band.


Krešo I Kisele Kiše play the music ideal for gigs and parties, melodic punk ska in the vein of Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish and similar bands that are mixing melodic skatepunk and ska. They have two guys that are playing trumpest, okay one was playing tonight and one of the guitarists played bass, but no matter, they always amaze with the simplicity they play and how awesome their live set sounds. They delivered the set of 30-35 songs covering all of their releases and the kids really got crazy and enjoyed their show, singing along with fists in the air, pogoing  and slamming and the atmosphere was just great. This band was ideal for this gig and put smiles on all of the faces in Prostor despite playing really long and exhaustive set.

The last band of the evening were our homeboys PARTLEKI. This band consists of ex Motorno Ulje vocalist Lazar playing bass and singing and the drummer and guitarist from Bakterije. They had an idea and formed the band which covers all the popular children songs turning them into mighty punkrock anthems.


They released on studio album till now, and the new one is being prepared and as the guys told me could be out until the next Summer maybe.

The kids really love and go crazy during Partleki set and this time was no exception. All the club was dancing, singing along, going crazy and frontman Lazar had great communication with the gathered crowd. They included all the songs from the debut album in their set, plus couple of more that will find their place on the new album and triumphantly ended one more in memoriam gig.


After the show, the fun continued with punk hardcore anthems played by the dj and people singing, dancing, drinking and celebrating like all of our fallen sisters and brothers celebrate if they see us. I must say thank you to all the crew who delivered this gig again this year and put all of the hard work making it possible. Rest in peace brothers and sisters, you are not gone. You live inside us. And one day, we will again be united as one!