(record review-hardcore)Coldstare-Bounce Back(WTF Records)

Coldstare have a new album out on WTF Records and I am proud that I was able to listen and review their new record for this zine.

1. COLDSTARE - CD COVER - Bounce Back -

Coldstare are coming from Belgium and they were formed in 2001. The band went on hiatus in 2008.but was reformed in 2015. to become once again a significant force on the European hardcore map. This new album has 10 songs. The music is typical European school of hardcore that has more roots in streetpunk and oi scene than in metal, and it is good so. There are some NYHC influences like AF, early Madball, SOIA but the band has that touch of Right Direction, Only Attitude Counts and similar Euro HC bands have in their music. There are faster old school songs but also some groovy moshing parts making the songs nice piece of modern hardcore that many bands lack nowadays. My favorite songs on this record are Time to prove and Side by Side, true hardcore anthems. This is a great hardcore record!


Links: https://www.facebook.com/coldstarehardcore/




(record review)The Bare Minimum-Where The Buses Don`t Come

The Bare Minimum are a four piece punk band from Toronto, Canada and they have a new record due out any time now. I listened and reviewed their new record for this zine.


This record with funny but also great title contains 7 songs of energetic fast paced punkrock. I can hear a lot of garage punk influence in the songs of this band, so I would describe their music as a mixture of hardcore punk old school and garage punk with a lot of energy and aggression. I really like this record! Somehow, the song I like the most on this record is Safety Pin being a true fast punkrock anthem, the one for enjoying live and I can only imagine how these guys sound like live. I bet they˙re awesome. This record is fast and short and leaves you desperate for more, so I think this is the marking of an awesome music and awesome record!