(record review)RELIANCE-Crashing Down e.p.

Reliance are punk band from Prescott, Arizona and I listened and reviewed their new record for this zine. If you like melodic punkrock, go for it, read the review and get this nice record!


This new e.p. contains 6 songs and the music Reliance are playing is neither fast nor slow melodic punkrock/skatepunk with beautiful verse and chorus melodies, sing along parts and this music is just made to make your day a bit better when you listen to this record. On some songs, like for example Once Blind which is one of my favorite songs on this record besides the title track, the guys somehow reminded me of old Pennywise records. The vocals are nice, the singer does that deeper, a bit harsher voice but also suitable for those melodies which made my skin crawl with goosebumps. As I understand while listening, the lyrics are of more personal nature and I love punk with heart and soul, I said it before and I will say it again. This is a damn fine record if you love melodic punk like I do.



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Bandcamp: https://reliancepunk.bandcamp.com/releases