(record review)H_NGM_N-I don´t want to go home(Real Ghost Records)

H_ngm_n are Brighton, UK based duo which makes great music and I am very lucky that I was able to listen and review their new record for this zine. Out on Real Ghost Records.


This duo creates power driven music with the sound that someone would call distinctly UK melodic sound, but their powerful pop punk/melodic punkrock melodies are so much more. This record contains 4 heartfilled songs that somehow make you sad and full of sorrow while listening, but at the end you are left with a lot of hope which brings back the smile on your face.

The vocals are just perfect, as are backing vocal harmonies, neither snotty, nor whining, this guys know how to play and how to sing their songs. As one can expect, the lyrics are personal, heartwarming, heartbreaking and I love punkrock which has great amount of emotions behind the music. For me personally, Happy Birthday somehow worked the best, being the song in my opinion and taste slightly above the other three, but in all, this is a great record.







(record review)PIZZATRAMP/THE DOMESTICS-Split record(TNS Records)

East Anglian hardcore punks The Domestics and Welsh punx Pizzatramp are releasing split 5 inch record on TNS Records. I am lucky having to listen to the record and review it for this zine.


Yes, you read it correct. The record is 5 inch. meaning that the time is very limited for both bands material. That really doesn˙t matter because both bands are playing ultrafast hardcore punk sometimes bordering with powerviolence with blistering riffs, fast paced drumming, screaming vocals and tons of hardcore punk energy underneath it all. Both bands deliver three songs on this record, it took them under one minute for the songs to finish. Personally, I like Pizzatramp side better, their songs had more impact on me hehe. Great record to listen if you like this kind of hardcore punk.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pizzatrampuk/



Web site: https://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/