(record review)Horror Vision-Final Broadcast(Undead Artists)

It is again that time of the year when horrorpunk is the name of the game. I listened and reviewed the debut album by Horror Vision out on Undead Artistis for this zine.

Horror Vision cover

This is a German horrorpunk band, from the area of the city Ulm. German horrorpunk scene is awesome with bands like The Crimson Ghosts, The Other or Jamey Rottencorpse and The Risen Dead coming to mind instantaneously. This album contains 10 songs and the music is tight and not so melodic horrorpunk so don´t expect melodies like Blitzkid or Nim Vind music. This is sometimes raw, often even brutal, but there are still enough melodies underneath for all you fiends out there craving for haunting melodic horrorpunk. This album is yet another proof that horrorpunk is not mere cloning of The Misfits songbook. Horrorpunk can be creative, can be varied and also inspiring. This band managed to release a strong and powerful debut album. Top songs: Ghosts of Mars, Bathory, We´re Gonna Get You.



Follow the band on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/horrorvision.horrorpunk/

Follow the label on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Undeadartists/

Web: http://undeadartistsbooki.wixsite.com/undeadartists


(news-melodic skatepunk)69 Enfermos join forces with Symphony of Distraction to release a split record in December via Morning Wood Records!


Brasilian skatepunk legends 69 Enfermos are about to release a new split record with Symphony of Distraction from USA. It’s gonna be released on digital and physical format through Morning Wood Records (NED) on December 21rst and will contain five brand new songs per band. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for that record because it is going to be awesome!