(record review)The Cryptics-The Cryptics(Pine Hill Records)

Pine Hill Records just re-released The Cryptics debut album from 2009.on vinyl. Since I have never heard of the band(shame, shame) prior to this release, it was about time for me to listen and review the record for this zine.


This record contains 21 songs of pure, utter hardcore punk mayhem and boy, am I glad that I got the chance to discover and listen to this awesome band and enjoy the energy bomb that this music presents. The music of The Cryptics is old school hardcore punk from simpler, more fun times in the hardcore scene. This music is ideal for skating and for moshing and hugging shirtless, sweaty kid in the pit next to you. The lyrics are political sometimes, but also with a very high dose of humour and self irony which is good. The songtitles like I killed Hitler or Boris the Bolshevik are sure to make you mosh and wear a smile on your face. Old school flag flies high with this record. Wave it proudly.



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(news) Demons Run Amok announced signing of Eat Me Fresh!

Exciting news from Demons Run Amok Entertainment who just announced that they signed EAT ME FRESH, excellent hardcore band from Czech Republic.

Read on for the statement:

We‘re stoked to announce the signing of Czechs most loved EAT ME FRESH! Being around since 2010 with many tours under their belt EAT ME FRESH are the proof thatpassion is the most important property in nowadays Hardcore Scene! When we heard that those guys were looking for a new label it was a no brainer and we tried to guide them on our roster.
Expect the release of their 2nd full length record in March 2019.
Stay tuned for showdates, preorders and many more!


(record review)ARISING FROM-Contemplating the unknown(Thousand Islands Records)

Thousand Islands Records never ceases to amaze me with the bands they release and this time I listened and reviewed the new Arising From e.p. so read the review.

Cover ep

This Montreal punkrockers already released one e.p. and the music these guys play is strongly inspired by the 90-ies melodic punkrock, mostly all the Californian punkrock bands you know so well, but the guys managed to stay fresh and retain a certain dose of originality not to sound like anyone˙s clone. The record contains 5 songs and I personally liked Return to sender the most. It is totally melodic, ultra harmonic in your face punkrock anthem and I enjoyed it a couple of times in a row. There are also some pop punk influences on this album like for example in Your beliefs or One life. The lyrics are personal as I understand and I love them, they pass just perfect with the song structures. This is an awesome e.p. and one more proof of the beauty, versatility and the talent of the Canadian punkrock scene.



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Web: https://thousandislandsrecords.com/