(news)Introducing Postage!!!


Burn away those mid-week blues with some melodic punk! Today, Paper + Plastick would like to introduce Postage to their ever growing roster. Featuring current and ex-members of Terror and After the Fall, this Albany quartet plays the kind of punk that is best absorbed in the setting of an overly crowded basement or a dive bar surrounded by your best friends. It also doesn’t hurt that the band name is a little tip of the hat to the band All. That’s pretty punk. On October 26th, Postage will release a three track self-titled flexi. We’re premiering the single, “Return to Sender” on No Echo. If you like what you hear you can head over to the Paper + Plastick site to pre-order the release.

“We started POSTAGE for one reason, and that is to write catchy tunes and be able to play those tunes anytime and anywhere.”

POSTAGE (Albany, NY) is a pop punk band featuring members of After the Fall and Terror.

Release Date: October 26th, 2018
Label: Paper + Plastick
Formats: Flexi/Digital
Pre-Order: http://paperplastick.limitedrun.com/products/628981-postage-flexi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/postagepunk