(record review)Fullcount-Part Of The Game

I have already written countless times about the variety and how great Canadian skatepunk scene is, this time I listened and reviewed the new record by Fullcount which is distributed by the great Lockjaw Records.

FulCount - Name of The Game

Hailing from Quebec city area, these guys deliver a mighty and epic album of technical skatepunk. The album contains 12 songs mainly in neckbreaking speed, with beautiful melodic guitar hooks, anthemic singalong choruses and awesome musicianship. There are some guest appearances on the album from Étienne Dionne (Mute), Alexis Paré (Cardinals Pride) and Émilie Plamondon (50 Shades of Punk Rock).  For me, the best songs on this record are definitely The Motion and Discord & Treachery but the album as a whole is a must if you are a fan of melodic hardcore punk with technical prowess, heart, soul, balls and strength. Many who read this zine know how much I value great vocals in such bands and this band has it all, in your face melodic but strong main vocals and awesome done harmonies in the backing vocal lines. This is for sure one of the best albums of the genre this year!



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