(record review)WE ARE THE UNION-Self Care

We Are The Union just released their fourth full length album and I listened and reviewed it for this zine.


These guys are from Detroit, Michigan area and they have been around for a while, just launching their fourth full length record out.

The record contains 12 songs. The music is melodic punkrock with skapunk, pop punk and skatepunk parts in the song structures. From the skatepunk fast opening of Post-Ironic Sinkhole this band show us the listeners all the richness of their music style. A Better Home is a ska reggae punkrock anthem filled with brass instruments, punk aggressiveness and melody.

One of the best songs on the album for me is My Death, half a minute acoustic miniature, short but sweet, followed by The Way It Was, full blooded punkrock hymn, when I listen to this song it brings me back under Summer starry sky, having a blast with my friends and enjoying punkrock freedom! There is a guest performance on The Long Way by none other than Stacy Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop and she fit in with her voice nicely in this song. Not to discover just everything, you will have to listen to this album and check the other songs and discover your favorites for yourselves. All I can tell you that I had a blast listening to this one!



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