(record review)THE DAWN-TWWKIG

The Dawn is a hardcore band from Marseille, France and I am happy I was able to listen and review their record for this zine.


The album contains 9 songs of chaotic mayhem. The Dawn play aggressive, nervous, noisy hardcore that borders with sludge and doom influences and screaming harsh vocals. But, there are also grindcore blastbeat parts in the song structures and to add it all, weird keyboard melodies in the background, to make this band more interesting. What makes me more happy, is obvious Church of  Satan influence in many songs, especially Walpurgisnacht with Nine Satanic Statements thrown in. The lyrics are as I understood nihilistic and apocalyptic as the music this band plays. This is not for the fans of happy merry go round melodic hardcore. These guys will twist your mind with their music and then laugh about it later! I really love this record, it shows the variety and originality that can still be achieved on hardcore scene besides all those generic clone bands that are coming out with their records every day!



Follow The Dawn on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedawnhxc

Bandcamp: https://thedawnhxc.bandcamp.com/



(news)LEFTÖVER LEFTÖVER CRACK – Out November 30th on Fat Wreck Chords!


We’ve been hard at work, mining the trenches to uncover all the lost and loved songs from LEFTÖVER CRACK’s career. That’s no small task, considering their 20+ years of cranking out some of the most iconic crust/punk/ska ever created. Well, after years of tracking down mislaid tapes, long-out-of-print 7”s, and hidden recordings, we are thrilled to reveal that on November 30th, LEFTÖVER LEFTÖVER CRACK will see the light of day! Packed with 30 tracks of B-sides and rarities, you’ll also enjoy two songs that were previously unreleased on digital. Trust us, this is an excellent addition to the LEFTÖVER CRACK cannon, and is available today for pre-order!

LOC will be heading out on an epic tour this November with an incredible lineup. Check out the dates with Negative Approach, Crazy And The Brains, and more, right here