(record review)Waykopp-Too Loud? Too Old!

Waykopp is a band from France, from the town of Pau, that started its journey in 2013. Couple of days ago, they released their brand new album. I listened and reviewed it for this zine.


The album contains 11 songs. The music of Waykopp is a very melodic kind of pop punk/punkrock, almost bordering with indie/alternative area. That means not too distorted guitars, mid tempo pop punk, poppy vocals and personal lyrics about love, friendship and lost relationships and similar.

This band offers really nothing new or revolutionary in the music they are performing but they are doing fine this sort of punkrock. For me, of all the songs on the album the most memorable are Insomnia and Part Time Rockstar. This is the album done with heart and balls and soul, so it is worth your attention if you are a fan of softer melodies in punkrock. Check this one out, listen to the music and drop a word or two to the guys, I am sure it would mean to them a lot!



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(record review)LOSER POINTS-Denial & Error


Formed in 2015., Loser Points from Alberta, Canada were working on their material and playing gigs, so they released their new e.p. which I listened and reviewed for our zine.

The record contains 9 songs of heartfelt melodic punkrock, not unlike some of their peers from California and USA, but Loser Points kept their own line of emotion and originality which saved them from being mere clone of other bands. The songs on this record that somehow I like the most are Sleepyhead, Adult Girlfriends and Papercuts. I don˙t have lyric sheet but as far as I understood the lyrics are personal and emotional and any of us listeners can relate to some of the song lyrics. The vocals are excellent along with backing vox and harmonies, and everyone who reads our zine knows how important for me are the vocals in the whole story when I listen to such bands, because sometimes the music might be awesome, but then the bad vocals spoil the whole record. Fortunately, Loser Points are not one of those bands. This is a strong and melodic record with heart and soul, so go listen and get the record!


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Web: https://loserpoints.ca/home