(gig report)KURVE(Zg)/SOCIJALNA SLUŽBA(Zg)/MIDNIGHT CLIMAX(Čk/Kc/Kr)-05.10.2018.-Prostor Čakovec

The gig season started in our hometown and this fine package was just what we needed on Friday night after a long, working week to listen and watch some hardcore punk bands and see some kids jumping and going crazy.

When we arrived to Prostor around 9 pm, there was a decent amount of kids in front and in the yard doing all that punk hardcore folklore that is usual at every gig. The beginning of the gig was scheduled for around 10 pm and it started pretty much on time.

The first band on tonight˙s bill was Midnight Climax. This is an old school hardcore ultrafast and energetic band with members from our hometown, Koprivnica and Krapina. When they started to play a nice number of people entered the club and I was surprised to see so many people enjoying the show. We already featured the review of this band` s release on the pages of this zine, so I can say again, the guys play old style fast hardcore in the vein of Spermbirds, Circle Jerks and similar bands. I think they played all of their songs plus Spermbirds and Minor Threat covers. Their set was a bit chaotic, but it doesn` t matter, that is punk.

Next Socijalna Služba from Zagreb started to play their mighty set. I never saw these guys play live, their records are awesome, so I was looking forward what they will sound like. They paused a couple of years and this year is their tenth anniversary. I got what I came for and even more. The five guys played great energy filled hardcore punk set with fast songs, awesome melodies, the singer and the backing vocals both. This band is so good that they could have easily been one of the greatest bands on regional hardcore punk scene. They played approx 45 minutes and I loved every single second of the show. The only thing that bothered me is that a lot of kids rather stayed drinking and smoking outside than to support the band.

Kurve from Zagreb were a kind of headliners and they came here promoting their new e.p. which we reviewed recently for our zine. I only saw them play live once in Varaždin couple of years ago. They play a special mixture of punk, hardcore and rock n roll and I must say that their vocalist Vito is one of the best frontman in Croatian underground scene. They included in their set the songs from all three of their e.p.-s and the only thing that lacked was a greater number of kids who continued to hang around outside but the people who followed their set, did it with love. Another great gig  for the club gig season opening, I hope that there will be more soon.

One other thing. Some people had some complains about the photos in the gig reports of this zine. Let us get one thing straight. This zine is done from the heart and by the music enthusiasts for the music enthusiasts. We are not photographers. In fact, we hate recording gigs and we prefer to put our mobile phones in our pockets and enjoy the band and the music they make and not having phone and recording all set long. The photos don˙t matter, the music and impression it makes does. Enjoy the music and support the scene people. Nice job for the Prostor crew, who keeps up the great work here!