(record review)INSERT COIN-Way Out(Uncle M Music / Cargo Records)

Insert Coin are releasing new album via Uncle M Music and Cargo Records and I am happy that I got to chance to listen and review it for our zine.


I must admit that I didn´t hear for Insert Coin prior to this album, but that is the beauty of underground isn´t it? The scene constantly moves and we are discovering more and more excellent bands that put out their records every day. This Germans deliver powerful melodic punkrock/skatepunk in eleven songs on this mighty album. I loved every second listening to this album. It is so energetic, not necessary fast but mid tempo melodic tempo songs, with hooks that make you remember them for a long time after listening, catchy sing along choruses and I can only imagine how awesome this must sound played live at the gig. The lyrics are in English, all of them and they are of personal nature as far as I listened to the songs and interpreted them for myself in my head. This year is for me one of the best years in last five for sure regarding excellent new releases by awesome bands. Top songs for me: Sidetracked, Apology and See You In October.







(record review)Atlas For Home-Late Bloomer e.p.(Red Toad Music)

Atlas For Home are French band from Paris that started in 2013. They just released their new record out on Red Toad Music and I listened and reviewed it for this zine.


This new e.p.contains 6 songs of melody, emotion and pop influenced melodic punkrock alternative. If I must mention who this band reminds me a bit that would be Blink-182, The Starting Line and Biffy Clyro. This new record is band˙s second e.p. four years after the first one. The lyrics of the songs are personal and they deal with identity search, friendship, love, surviving in the today˙s fast world and similar themed songs. The vocals are very important for me in this kind of music and this band has very nice vocals, neither snotty or too poppy just right and feel good for this music, also backing harmonies fit in well and I loved it. This music is perfect for listening on the sunny Saturday morning, while drinking coffee, tidying up the apartment and preparing your lunch. Easy peasy but awesome. The favorite songs: Home, The Talk.


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