(record review)CHUMP-Welcome To The Punk Rock Family

We already featured Chump on the pages of this zine, but they recently released their new record, so it was about time to listen and review it in this zine.


These guys are hailing from Belgium, city of Liege area. Originally started in the end of the 1990-s, this band had some ups and downs, lineup changes and a pause, but since 2016.they are back playing many gigs and this album has been released recently with intro plus seven songs for your listening pleasure.

Chump plays melodic punkrock with skatepunk influences and a lot of skilled musicianship. The nice melodic and fast intro announces something beautiful and we got it in the shape of the song Punk Rock Family, an anthem celebrating the punkrock, friendship, gigs and freedom we all love so much. All the songs are awesome, but somehow the ones I love the most are She Makes Me Go Out Of My Mind, Heaven and Perfect Melody. The lyrics on the album are personal and the songs have awesome choruses to sing along with, hum them all they long and just enjoy great punkrock. Vocals are mighty, sung melodic, but also have power and strength in the voice, backing vocal harmonies are done with style and the guitar hooks are memorable. I enjoyed this album very much, so go get this one.


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(record review)SLOVENIANS-Al Dente(P.o.g.o. Records)

The story behind Belgian punkrock band Slovenians is full of turbulence, intense and heartbreaking tragedy. This is their record which I listened and reviewed for this zine.


The band is coming from Brussels, Belgium and they were formed in 2012. They are known for their high energetic shows delivering high energy punkrock in your faces and ears. In 2017. the guys lost their friend and lead guitarist in a tragic accident.

The rest of the guys agreed to carry on in the name of their fallen brother and I am glad that it is so. This record contains 13 songs. All of the song are brutal, fast paced, energetic punkrock experience. If I must compare this band to some other it would be like the power of Black Flag, the daring of Dead Kennedys and the energy of Zeke packed into one highly addictive package. I can only imagine how great this songs sound live. The lyrics are in English language, as I understand them personal but with a twist of irony and humour thrown in for good measure. I recommend this record because it is awesome.



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